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Hi I am Emma and I would like to tell you about this amazing opportunity I got involved in. During the lockdown I was struggling to find work and keep food on the table then a friend of mine approached me with this amazing opportunity with Crowd funding. I was very sceptical at first and did a lot of research and eventually I caved. And I have not looked back since.

I am going to use a quick analogy to explain all of the basic concepts of our business:

There is this guy called Schalk who wants to build a rocket to go to the moon. His goal for building this rocket is that when he gets to the moon there is 100,000,000 waiting for him. In order to build the rocket Schalk needs 1,000,000. He doesnt have the funds so he needs to find funding and he turns to a crowd funding platform. The

crowd funding platform consists of thousands or hundreds and thousands of individuals like you and me that are willing to part with a small amount of their own funds as risk of benefit of an opportunity. For example for the 100 risk you take you receive a 100 Ownership Rights. For now Schalk has collected thousands of Euros from 100 transactions all over the world and builds his rocket.

On the day of the launch one of two scenarios will happen. 1. The rocket can lift up and 200m into the air it explodes and then me and you we just lost our 100, thats the risk but at least the 1,000,000 was split across thousands. Scenario 2 is that Schalk does actually land on the moon and in fact we HAVE landed on the moon. So the deal is he then turns around and keeps 50,000,000 for himself and he shares the other 50,000,000 with everybody that became part of the crowd.

So for example your 100 is now worth 10,000.00. Now that is crowd funding in a nutshell. It is not new it has been around for more than a decade. Massive companies have actually been crowd funded. This basically explains who we are.

We are a massive crowd funding company that started early last year and came to SA round about end of May, beginning of June. The moment it landed on our shore this thing exploded. Because the average South African that actively participates and gets involved with this can earn between 300 - 500 extra on the side per month. And that is a big deal to us as the Euro exchange to the South African Rand is 16 1, which totals up to R8000, which is a LOT OF MONEY for a typical South African, but not a big deal for a typical European. So for that reason this thing took off drastically as 10000 12000 people register EVERY DAY. It has grown from 0 to 1.5million people in less than a year. Almost twice as fast as Facebook. These are all people who got involved by making a single deposit of R2000. Straight of the bat if you get involved it will be R2000. For your R2000 you get a 100 Ownership Rights or (profit sharing) rights, which is your stake in the opportunity. Now this is a once off payment that will increase in value. It means that as of one day after you joined, 10000 people have also joined. Day 2, 20000 people have joined after you and so on. It means your position has grown in value both in the numbers of people, but also in the value of the Euro price. Every Wednesday you get free Ownership Rights that is allocated to you. And every second week or so the price of a single share option increases. Currently it is 2.38 per share. Our moon analogy is two massive industries on the internet. One is the online gaming industry like your Candy Crush, Angry Birds or Call of duty. Those are MASSIVE companies on their own. The other is online gambling which speaks for itself. Now these two industries together is worth more than $500 Billion. Because of the fact that we are more than 1.5 million people and growing every day we have tremendous value that we take to these industries by saying Right boys we are 1.5 million people all highly enthusiastic, engaged and invested. Here we are on a silver platter. And for this value that we bring to the party we want X amount of profit share and X amount of referral income. For example 5% of $500 Billion is A LOT of money. And that gets disbursed proportionally amongst everybody in the Crowd.

So just by taking up a position for R2000 once off, your spot increases over time and your money comes from massive profit sharing options and referral income from two biggest industries on the internet (Gambling and Gaming). If you help grow the number of people in the Crowd by adding people or referring people to participate, you will be rewarded or compensated for the work effort you put in. So for every person you involve you earn between 18 - 36. And for those few reasons I have made a lot of money and that money you can withdraw directly into your normal bank account like Capitec or Standardbank or you can transfer it to a Bitcoin wallet.

Thousands of people are participating and in a nutshell this is the basic concept under which we operate.

If you are interested kindly let me know and I will gladly send you some videos to have a look.

This article was published on 20.05.2020 by Emma Coulson
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Croud funding - Cashback, 110 USD to join

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