Discover the secret to travel deals. ...  (Hint: You're paying too much!)

When you understand how the system works, you can travel at huge discounts.

Travel Secrete #1

When big travel loses you win!

Hotels, rental car companies, theme parks and airlines lose billions on unsold inventory. They predict with incredible accuracy when there will be vacant rooms or unsold seats. Like any smart business, they know that getting something is better than nothing.

Using sophisticated mathematical algorithms, big travel companies can tell when they have to unload their inventory to discount websites….and THIS is where the JI-FUN begins.

As a JIFU Member or Member Affiliate, we pass through the rates for hotels, car rentals and all things travel to you at the price big travel providers unload on the unsold inventory market.

Bottom line...they’d rather sell it at deep discounts than leave vacancies.

Travel Secret #2

You are being misled by the big travel sites.

All of the biggest websites are owned by two conglomerates, they give the illusion of price competition where none exists.
Public facing sites must have nearly identical pricing by law. Private membership in JIFU gives you a clear picture in what the big guys actually pay for the travel they offer to the public and mark it up to the customer.


we take the vacancy pricing and pass it on to you at no markup.

Travel Secret #3

The only way to get the biggest discounts on vacant and unsold inventory, is with a membership.

The big travel companies do not allow their deep discounts to be made available publicly, it's not their model. They take vacancy pricing, mark it up, and give you some savings.

For you to get the full vacancy pricing from the big travel providers, you must have access to an exclusive private membership.

JIFU’s low membership fees give you the best possible pricing available and compares the same room, car or flight in real time to what you would pay with the big travel sites.

Keep in mind, JIFU pricing also INCLUDES major sales and other travel taxes, a cost you don’t see until you book with the other guys.

To be fair, depending on destination, there can be things such as small city taxes, resort fees, etc. that cannot be calculated. However, you’d pay those no matter where you book.

So how does JIFU work?

Unsold inventory hurts the bottom line. Empty seats, unsold rooms and unrented cars must be sold, even if it’s at prices way below retail.

Travel providers secretly share their unsold or vacancy inventory to online travel providers such as Expedia, Travelocity and yes, JIFU.

So how can JIFU offer average deep discounts and savings on hotels compared to the big name websites?

It’s simple, we get access to hotels, condos, excursions, activities, cruises, and rental cars from the same place at the same prices as the other guys.

To make a profit and pay for advertising, other “discount” travel sites mark the prices up. At JIFU, we take those savings and pass them directly on to you, our Members.

If JIFU doesn’t mark up the prices like the other sites, how does JIFU and it’s Member Affiliates make money?

Instead of marking your prices way up like the other sites, JIFU is a month-to-month membership with prices as low as $25 per month for unlimited travel benefits and full access to hotels, condominiums, theme parks, excursions, rental cars, cruises and more.

If you travel at all, you’ll often save more on one trip than the annual cost of your Membership. The savings are that good!

What's the catch?

There isn‘t one. Try a limited Buddy Pass membership for free. Upgrade to a full membership with no crazy contracts. Cancel at any time.

Really, cancel at any time!

... JIFU Buddy Passes ROCK! ...


You get HALF the SAVINGS of a MEMBER for nothing.  (Look into a MEMBERSHIP HERE)

Zero, zilch, free.

With a value of $100, Buddy Passes gives you half the savings you’d get as a full Member or Affiliate… FREE.

With Buddy Passes, you can literally save thousands of dollars. For the casual traveler, you have nothing to lose and big discounts to gain.

... THANKS for your Interest !!! 

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This article was published on 24.03.2019 by Marc Fromme
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JIFU Travel - Travel, wholesale, 100 USD to join

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