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How a Member of My Team Generated Over $70,000 From ONE Offer...

Hey there business opportunity seekers!

My names James Neville-Taylor and today I want to talk to you about what I consider to be the biggest opportunity this decade!

No fluff, no over-hyped BS. All my results and the results of my team can be verified on request, and I will happily show you.

So how exactly did a member of my team do over $70,000 in commissions from ONE product in under 10 months?

That is a loaded question, as one does not simply do over $70,000 from one method alone.

What I can tell you though, is that he shows up every day and puts in the effort.

Your results can be more, less or the same.

I myself have done over $30,000 with this same product and my team combined?

Well, let's just say, I would get tired adding it all up! ;)

So, what is this "miracle product" that everyone is raving over?

Before I tell you what it is, allow me to tell you what it does...

It serves an ETERNAL niche. It will NEVER not be needed.

It provides so much VALUE. It will NOT be outdone.

Every single business, entrepreneur, blogger, store owner, seller and ANYONE who wants anything to do with the online world NEEDS this service.

To back that up, let me tell you that one of the larger competitors attracts OVER 40,000 new users EVERY SINGLE DAY...

Just 0.01% of that action from ONE competitor would bring you over $200 a day with a recurring income of $3,720 after a single month with this program!

Starting to see the opportunity here?

I thought so!

Add in that this opportunity only launched in the English speaking market a year ago, and you really start to see why this is a hot, new offer with some real potential!

"But, James. You still didn't tell me what it does!"

Okay, okay! I hear you...

First off, they offer the ability to build S.M.A.R.T websites. Including fast hosting, CDN servers, SSL/https security, blogs, sales funnels, e-com stores, mobile apps, endless integrations and FULL SEO control. 

That's pretty awesome for a software to do, and from other competitors. We're already into the triple digits a month...

"Okay, so where's all the value?"

Oh, we're just getting started!

On top of this, they have a FULL UNLIMTED Email marketing tool, with unlimited contacts and unlimited sending quota (WHAT!), that integrates effortlessly with the web builder, e-com stores and follow up for any of your sites...

A full design studio, presentations builder, photo studio, animated video creator, green screen floating video creator, browser notifications, SEO tool, click/heat map, live chat tool, auto post scheduler, content locker, course creation tool, script generator, roulette exit pop and social proof tool...


Enough value yet?


Well, how about a fully functional chatbot with unlimited subscribers, unlimited sending and the ability to connect to unlimited pages?

How about a full affiliate marketplace, where you can sell your own products and promote others as an affiliate?

How about a FULL webinar platform which allows you to do live and prerecorded webinars with a ghost audience?

How about FULL traffic training and discounted traffic offers?

How about all these tools seamlessly functioning together to build the perfect funnels and follow up sequences with ease?

"You're crazy James, the average Joe is not going to be able afford all this!"

You wouldn't think so would you?

Well this is why I say value.

The CEO Erick Salgado is changing the game.

The days of overpriced software solutions are soon going to be over.

The markup on a lot of software companies today are GIANT!

Erick plans to change that!

That's why, he offers all of this for the ridiculously low "shut up and take my money" price of just $49 a month...

No that's not a typo, it's not missing a 0 or two!

That's $49 a month!


"But James, you said this was a solution for EVERYBODY, not everyone wants to pay $49 a month to get online!"

You're exactly right, and that's why the smallest package they offer is for a basic web presence at $9.90 a month...

NOONE is having a problem with that!

Right now, we're attracting over 2,000 new users a day. 

There is PLENTY of room for growth in an industry that has BILLIONS of users.

The only question you should be asking now is...

Where do I sign up!

To join my team and get the exact same strategies, funnels and follow up myself and my team have used to generate HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in commissions. visit the link below...

Feel free to message me, call me or Skype etc if you have any questions.

This article was published on 30.08.2018 by James Neville-taylor
Author's business opportunity:

Builderall - Hosting, Email etc, 49 USD to join

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