MDC/Hempworx ~ Sample System

What if I told you there is a little known way to join MDC/Hempworx for as little as $32, would you be inclined to join our system to benefit from the amazing CBD product that we offer! Well, I have a way for someone that does not have a lot of upfront capital to start their very own online CBD business... Are you ready?....

So here is how you can join the MDC/Hempworx affiliate program with one of the best compensation plans in the network marketing industry...

Step 1:  You purchase a CBD sample from me, who Just happens to be a Executive Hempworx Affiliate, for the low price of $11.95

( this is critical step for you to become an Affiliate)

Step 2: After you purchase the sample pack (for $11.95),  you will be offered an "upgrade" to become an "unranked Affiliate" for $20.  Which is $32.

(Why wait upgrade now!)

Step 3:  Most people wait to get their product to ensure that the first purchase is the "real thing", before they "upgrade", what happens is most people get busy doing other things and life happens... before you know it, the period in which you had to upgrade has expired... which means now, to become an affiliate you know have to spend $69 to become an affiliate (when all you had to do initially is spend $31.95...lets round up and say $32)

So what is an "unranked affiliate" and unranked affiliate is an affiliate with less than 40 Business Volume (BV) on a auto-ship... It means that you are commisionable but only one the first level of commission which is 25%.

Get a 40BV auto-ship and you are promoted to a Builder (commission percentage increases to 30%) , 90BV = Director (35% on the first level and 15% on the second) , 200BV = Executive (50% of 1st level, 10% on 2nd level, 8% on 3rd level, 5% on 4th level. All the way down to 10 levels deep (based on corresponding ranks)

Let's not forget! that you got started in business for only $32 vs $69. When you buy a Sample pack (you are in essence buying a product, as a preferred customer... and upgrading for $20, makes you an "unranked affiliate") How Exciting is that!!!

Ready to get started! Here's how you do it... Get a Sample at

Upgrade the same day! and start promoting your CBD business to everyone! and start earning commissions!

See you at the top! Because the bottom is way to full...
This article was published on 27.02.2019 by Deon Mitchell
Author's business opportunity:

MDC/Hempworx - CBD Sample Pack, 32 USD to join

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