Your attitude determines your altitude

Whose Life Are You Living?

Are you living your life according to God’s ordained plan for you?

Don’t let life happen yo you but make life happen for you. 

Every bit of your life journey from the past good or bad are part of your story and your unique historical journey.

Let that experience energise you to your unseen but promising future.

Have you noticed that what you have seen so far and what you see now are temporal but that which you are yet to see is eternal.

It’s worth waiting and fighting for. 

Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard nor has it been made aware to man what God has in store for you futuristically.

The mindset of faking it till you make it will never get you anywhere but being the authentic and real you is what will take you far.

Don’t run away from your past but embrace it to empower your future.

There is a psychology, belief system of your past that gets you to where you are today. It is loaded with life lessons that is equipped to propel you to your future and next level, so embrace it and let it engage and empower you to your new discoveries that will profile you to your future new heights.

That’s right people are looking for authentic people not “fake” people.

Be yourself and those called to you with will be drawn to your real authentic self. 

Don’t force it relax, keep working, keep learning, improving, expectant and trust Him that He will perfect all that concerns you will unfold in the right places and at your season of life ordained specifically for you. 

Being what you are meant to be is what will get you to the next level.

Jesus said am about my fathers will and my meat is to DO His Will.

This same declaration applies to you so embrace your future boldly refused to be intimidated by other people’s successes or criticisms and run your race boldly and trust in Him who has sent you to affect those He has sent to you. You have greatness engraved and enshrined in your DNA because you are created in the likeness of a great God the creator of the Universe. 

Let the spark of fire of the DESIRE to be everything God has invested in you according to His economy to that keep burning in you for His purpose. 

Reach out with all intentionality and be the best you are wired to be.


My name is Dr Dimeji Afolabi (Also known by some as Adime) I am your friend-a son of the encourager assigned to add value to you and inspire you to be the best you can possibly be and more - be a winner in your own race of life.

Don’t worry choose to be Happy  

You are blessed to be a blessing. 


Your attitude determines your altitude

Sometimes it's not how much of a technical person you are or

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Fact is, nobody ever gets successful by themselves.

Sometimes it takes working with one other person.

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This article was published on 12.11.2020 by Dr Oladimeji Afolabi
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