Every day we awoke its a blessing to be alive , life is there to take on. who are we going to have an effect on today? there is positive and negative which of them you going to be drawn to, each day i woke up i think positive so i get positive out come , have you every seen some persons and they just lash out at you for no reason ? at times that person is going through so much and they only can lash out at others to feel better but how are we going to deal with such a person, i would not argue with the person your  positive energy  can let the person even start thinking that wasnt called for, it will even happen that the person tell you he/she is sorry for the way they behave and my friend thats the  time you start to speak to the person and i grantee the person will somewhat open up to you and all you have to do is just love that person right there you made that person day.                           I TRY TO HELP PEOPLE EVERYDAY                                                                                                                        There are persons  out there that really need help sometimes i walk on the streets and see some mother begging for their children it hurts me alot .they would say the father left or the father die and this is  what they have to do  so the kids can eat ,that hurts me i always try to have something to give them because it could happen to me as well. who are we helping are we turning them away when they ask for help?      i believe the world will be better if those that can help will help.   this is the reason i join the travel business i told GOD bless my business so i can help others  it doesnt matter your skin colour once  your in need  and i can help i will              
This article was published on 19.02.2019 by Angella Saunders
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