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Bro do you even Network Market?- Part 2

YOU GUESSED IT! Back for more reasons why you should get involved in network marketing!

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-3- One of the most fearful things I ever did was try and learn a bit about how to do things on the internet. People are mostly put off by the fact that there is this underlying code that you have to change if you want to do something to a website in order to get it the way you want it, although this is technically true, there are hundreds of ways to create a website without having to know anything about the background code to the website and by simply using what is called ‘application software’. However getting to grips with the application software is sometimes a long and tedious process which does require a bit of attention (but thankfully there’s Youtube to help speed up the process :D).

Now back onto topic, one of the best things about joining most modern network marketing companies is that IT IS ONLINE! Yes, gone are the days (not actually talking from experience but I’m just assuming) of filling in paper work and submitting it to a company only for them to input errors which mess up your name and area and cause a lot of confusion and worry! Nowadays companies are so online and mobile that the only paper forms you will find are from people who are approaching prospects (what I like to define as people who I am trying to get rich but most of them don’t really like that) who are maybe unaccustomed to using the internet to sign up for anything, or have a negative stigma attached to anything on the internet so it’s easier to just let them fill in the form and pass the entire computer process so they aren’t discouraged from signing up completely!

Technically, you may approach prospects and say that you are the owner of an online business however most prospects (unless extremely awesome and open-minded) will say you’re over exaggerating so maybe it’s best not to do that.

In a later article I will explain the online world and what it is truly about but for now let me just close with this, YOU ARE STUPID IF YOU AREN’T DOING BUSINESS ONLINE!

Yadav Timmal-Cape Town, South Africa

This article was published on 07.11.2015 by Yadav Timmal
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