The #1 Way To Get Your Team And Downline Fired Up And Duplicating


The one thing that can make your check increase with your MLM company, is to have a team that duplicates and helps contribute volume to your business.

But, if you've ever built a team before, you know just how difficult it is to find someone who can get results as well as you do, or at least just bring in a few customers or builders.

So, what is the most effective way to get duplication among more people in your downline?

Today, we will look at how to do this, and look into the #1 way to get your team and downline fired up and duplicating.

Why So Many Don't Duplicate

First thing to know, is why so few will become big hitters.

The reason many people who join your team will not duplicate, is because they do not have the desire to work hard enough in the business.

You may be thinking, yes they have the desire, but let's make something clear first to understand what I mean.

Desire, is not a want. Most want to get big checks, but do not have the desire to go through hell to get to it.

Most do not want to make hundreds of calls a week, write content, make videos, spend on advertising, get rejected, meet in public, and do the hustle it actually takes.

So if most will not do these steps, how do we get them interested enough and excited to do these things?

The #1 Way You Get Duplication

If you want to know the best way to get others duplicating, then it starts with you.

If you are out there signing up new people, meeting people, writing content, shooting videos, calling hundreds of leads a week, making posts, building lists, and doing all the steps it takes, so will some of them.

Leading by example is the #1 way to create duplication.

When others see you are getting results, you will be getting calls and emails from your team asking how you do it.

When they see and hear results from others, it creates more desire to do the same.

So if you want duplication, it will start first with you.

Lead by example and do whatever it takes to get results.

You'll begin finding more and more people who do little, will begin to follow you.

It Takes Many To Make A Few

Truth is, you will need to get several people into your team, before you find someone who will duplicate and do more then you.

So you must be in recruiting mode for a long time, and you will begin getting duplication from a select few.

Some will be explosive right off the bat and increase income quickly. But it takes a lot to get one.

Leading by example will help people who usually wouldn't do anything, get one or two.

If only 20% of your team got one to two people involved, it would have a huge impact on your income and increase the odds for another heavy hitter.

So never stop bringing in people, it is exactly how you find the person with the most desire of all.

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This article was published on 12.11.2018 by Jaye Carden
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