Cool Ideas To Help Build Your MLM In 2018

It's no secret that you must have a plan to build a business of any kind.

It's also known you need a set schedule. Time where you know what you are going to be working on and a list of objectives to complete each and everyday.

So in this business announcement I will share with you some really cool ideas to help you build your MLM, and take it to new levels throughout the year 2018!

The Overall Concept

The idea behind building your business, is to take a strategy mentioned below, and work heavy on it til you master it.

If you get good at just one of the below, you will see results from that strategy. All the while, continue adding

new strategies to your plan. It's better to be a master of one trade than a fool in all. So pick one or two strategies you believe you'll be able to do well in, and put most of your time into building those. 

Free Strategies

Social Media - By building yourself a few social media platforms, you can build an audience up. Free strategies always take the most time to see results, but with social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the results can be rewarding if you succeed.

Traffic Exchanges/ Safelists - These can be very easy to use, but know the traffic is usually little, and most leads are simply leads. These sites are good for finding people to attend webinars, and consume your free content. They are never a way to get sells. So have free stuff to give away on these sites or you will most likely never get a sale. Use the free content and live videos to get the sale.

Banner Ads - There are places, like MLMGateway for one, that you can run free banner and text ads on. In exchange for daily activity, you can run an ad on their site until your credits are used up. If you really know what you're doing, you can get some big profits. I've made $45 upfront (plus more leads) from one campaign here on MLMGateway. I've seen several sales through their banner ads so it can be done (pure profit)

Video Marketing - Why not put a new video up each week, or everyday? Having videos is a powerful way to get people coming to you ready to buy and join you.

Blogging - Perhaps this is not a totally free way (if you want big results) but it is a super affordable way to grow a business. Putting up new content with videos in it, you will see leads come in from work you did long ago. It stays up online forever, and the advantages to having your own website is endless. Blogging consistently can really help increase the converting rate on sales.

Investing Makes The Most Sense

Now, think of paid advertising. Many will avoid it, so it will give you an advantage if you embrace it.

Social Media Ads - Keep ads running everyday for whatever your budget will allow. You will see several sells, and lots of leads for list building using the most popular social media platforms. If you keep ads running day and night throughout the year, you're gonna have one big year for sure.

Solo Ads - a really easy and quick way to get sales and leads. Pay a price for the amount of clicks you want and they get delivered. Find a good source for this, and you will be running a solo ad every week!

Webinars - Simply by purchasing a webinar platform, you have the ability to really become the expert in your niche.  Webinars can be automated, and used on your ads to convert high amounts of leads and sales. They convert sales more than anything else, so it's a good idea to get a platform to broadcast. I purchased a lifetime membership on a very popular program for just $2,400 one time. So if you're willing to invest, you can save a lot of money over the years!

The Direct Way Of Building MLM

Now the last strategy is a must. There is no skipping this one if you want to afford the advertising you need. You must directly speak to new people everyday.

You can do this will a simple tool and system known as MLM Recruit On Demand 

You will have people who know and understand the industry like yourself, and you will never run out of good prospects to speak to.

By setting a goal of contacting a certain amount of people, you can see major profits in your MLM and anything else you promote.

Your list grows fast, and most of all, you meet the right people. People are more likely to buy and join you if they have had a conversation with you over the phone. It's a sure way to gain the trust and like of your prospects.

By avoiding this step, you fall short of those who do not avoid it. It will help you get the success you need to advertise with, and get higher clicks from paid advertising.

Good Luck in 2018!

Be sure to send me a connection request if you have questions or want more people to connect with here on MLMGateway!

Also, check out the MLM Recruit On Demand system to get leads for the rest of your life at no extra cost, ever!

This article was published on 30.12.2017 by Jaye Carden
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