Why I am sold on Home automation...are you?

Okay...I must admit I was skeptical...How lazy can people be today...

Wanting  to turn on and off lights, Keyless Doors etc automatically . ... Where does it end?

However when I learned how these  and Thermostats that follow your particular Heating and cooling patterns saves us  money on energy, time and convenience I opened up my mind.

When I pull up to our home it is nice to be able to turn on the lights and disarm my Security  system, especially when it is very cold and dark outside.  When I am in a hurry and do not want to run back into my home and run upstairs to close the light it is nice to just click it off from my cell phone and arm\disarm my System!

I will getting the keyless door lock system soon....No longer depending on unlocking a door on  cold, rainy day with no light is refreshing...

Then I wanted a DYI Security System that is easy to assemble...no wires all over the place, holes to drill etc.

And one that apartment or non owning dwellers could use easily and take with them...

* Why this year alone, over 50 million people will purchase these systems!

**  Remember the cell phone boom??...Some people never thought it would take off....They missed the Boat as they say.....

* We have to jump on Opportunity when it presents itself...Some do...others do not missing out , regretting forever that they did not seize the moment!

You want to look for an opportunity that does the leg work for you....sending emails to leads and letting you know when Prospects have viewed your Video.....You want mentoring and training so you are not left alone...

** OPPORTUNITY is more  important than PRODUCT..

*** I did not want to become another Pill, shake, potion, weight loss pusher lost in a sea of others doing the same old same old.... 

**97% of all  Online Marketing make nothing to very little...are you one of them ?

Home, Business SMART Automation is the way of the future!!   Agree??

* Makes sense?  ** Skeptical?  If so, watch this 3 minutes Video:


** Contact me with any questions:

James Pateras

434  294  4557


This article was published on 18.02.2019 by James Pateras
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