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What Should I Offer Potential Leads?

How many Times have you heard....

  • earn money without recruiting or selling r
  •  just make a list of all your family and friends

This is what is often said to you before or after you join.

When you join, your next questions are.....

  • Do I really need leads for my business?
  • How do I invite people to be in my business opportunity?

Most folks seem to be terrified about having to inviting people to join their business opportunity. Hearing team leaders say talk to and tell family and friends about your opportunity seems to send chills down your spine. The fear of hearing the word "NO" is the big block to why many people are unable to invite people to join their opportunity.

The next hurdle is....... going through after sign-up regret, because you are not able to share the value of your service or product opportunity with your family and friends, you want to be on your team.

Why is inviting people to join me in my business opportunity so hard and difficulty? My response to this question is are you offering any value driven incentives to your potential leads?

People today are so stressed out about day-to-day survival, food, finances, healthcare and family problems. Getting involved and joining something that will require them to have to do something to make it happen is seen as added stress.

Yes, your business opportunity could be a solution in helping relieve the day-to-day survival stress. The reality is all they can see is stress and nothing beyond that.

Because humans are moved by tangible things, you may need to step outside the box, do something different and innovative to attract the people you want to join your opportunity.

This means to look at ways major companies use incentives to get you to purchase their products or services. Here's an example, the biggest spending consumption on TV happens late at night with the info commercials selling basic products or services at a low price and then offering an incentive as an add-on.

Having discovered how to use add-on incentives to get people to join your opportunity creates a "win-win" solutions for networkers in building their team and for the potential leads a stress-free reason to sign-up for your program so, everyone gets what they want and need.

Using an add-on incentive program to attract and get qualified, committed leads makes team building easy to do, because you focus first on addressing their needs. When your potential lead's needs are addressed, they will gladly join your opportunity and work collectively and cooperatively with you in building a team that becomes a financially successful business opportunity.

To do this effectively, you have to be open to the idea of having multiple streams of income producing business ventures that can enhance your existing business opportunity and its team building. This is how the top leaders in the network marketing industry get to the top because they build financially successful teams.

Question: Are you building a financially successful team?


Whoever SOLVES the problem or DELIVERS results gets PAID the MOST

This article was published on 21.10.2021 by Njideka N. Olatunde
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