Hyper Fund: The Number One Passive Income Stream through Daily Rewards

Have you been looking for a legit and stable passive income stream opportunity online? Then, the time has come for you to join the Hyper Community through the acquisition of a membership in Hyper Fund.

HYPER FUND is a powerful vehicle that the creators of HYPERTECH GROUP make available to everyone around the world in order to achieve the following objectives, among others:

To build a community of over 30 million users around the diverse products of the HyperTech Group, the world largest Blockchain Alliance that ever exists.

To provide users that is, the Hyper community members, with access to continuous and high-quality Education about Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and all other topics related to Blockchain Technology.

To reward members with Daily Passive Income from Monday to Sunday until they earn up to 300% of their membership price, that is, 3 times the value of the membership they acquired.

To provide members of the community with Privileged Information to participate in Future Coins and Projects with huge potential of immense returns and with significant discounts before they are offered to the General Public on the cryptocurrency markets.

However, it must be underlined that HYPER FUND is basically a membership platform that offers multiple benefits to its members, that is, to the members of the HYPER COMMUNITY. It is not an investment or a financial product. Hyper Fund does not handle any deposit accounts or cryptocurrencies for its members.

To facilitate the reward process throughout the Hyper Community, Hyper Fund uses a convenient conversion unit: the Hyper Unit whose symbol is HU. One HU is equivalent to one USDT which, in turn, is equivalent to approximately one US dollar.

Hyper Fund uses a REBUY system to accelerate the rewards of the Hyper Community members. Simply put, a REBUY is a convenient way to purchase an additional mini-membership with earned rewards without having to redeem and withdraw them first. Every time a member accumulates 50 HU in rewards, he can either withdraw them or make a rebuy to acquire mini-membership, which will also earn him daily rewards.

In the other hand, Hyper Tech Group defines itself as a Rising Global Blockchain Company that aims to contribute to the world through blockchain technology. According to the Company introduction in its official website, “HyperTech relies on blockchain technology to create a holistic digital supply chain. Through the integration of its resources and favorable position in connecting both upstream and downstream players in the industry, the Group will promote the development and adoption of blockchain technology globally.”

If you wish to become a member of the Hyper Community, you are required to purchase at least one membership in Hyper Fund. Then, you will earn at least 3 times the price of the acquired membership. The minimum acquisition cost is 300 USDT, nevertheless 500 USDT-memberships and 1000 USDT-memberships are also available on the Hyper Fund website. You can purchase as many memberships as you wish and all of them will earn you daily passive rewards.

For example, if you purchase the 300 USDT membership, HYPER FUND will pay you 1.5 HU or USDT every day from Monday to Sunday until you reach a total of 900 HU or USDT (300% rate of return).

If you purchase the 500 USDT membership, HYPER FUND will pay you at least 2.5 HU or USDT every day from Monday to Sunday until you reach a total of 1500 HU or USDT (300% rate of return).

If you purchase the 1000 USDT membership, HYPER FUND will pay you at least 5 HU or USDT every day from Monday to Sunday until you reach a total of 3000 HU or USDT (300% rate of return).

In all cases, you keep the KNOWLEDGE and the EARNINGS.

If you are interested in learning more about the Hyper Fund opportunity, you can:

Request more information here https://bit.ly/DYWAFI

Join our Telegram Group!!! https://bit.ly/4VHFtelegramGROUP

This article was published on 15.11.2021 by Valerio Auguste
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Hyper Fund - Membership rewards, Free to join

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