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I have found a new passion...I work from home with a wellness company in the Consumer Direct Marketing industry. Not sure if you've heard that term before? It is a not a MLM that is the beauty of it. We are essentially a wholesale shopping club where members get access to over 450 wellness products for the family and the home. I help families understand how harmful everyday products can be for their health and children's health. Our customers love shopping here because it is convenient, saves them money and they can replace their toxic, chemical heavy products with much safer alternatives. There's a referral business attached to this that allows people to supplement their income without having to chase customers, sell products or invest a lot of money. I love it because this allows me to stay at home and still have a reliable income.

Even if this business model isn't for you or you are happy in whatever business you are in what about just getting the toxic products out of your home. It is time to start reading the labels? There is a study that just came out and it is everywhere. I have seen it in the news, radio and online. What we offer is so much safer!   How about getting 30-50% off market prices that you normally pay at Walmart or Target only these products are better for you and are safer for you and your family. And they are shipped right to your front door! So this will save you time so you can work on things that are more important. And shopping online is an upward moving trend. Just look at Amazon. There is nothing to lose, no commitment and membership is a lot less than Costco or Sam's. I can send you more info for either the business or the customer side. At least do yourself and family a favor and get the chemical, toxic products out of your home. With your membership you also get $100 worth of free products. Walmart sure doesnt give me that deal. And there is a 90 day money back guarantee on the products so once again nothing to lose to try safer, chemical free, non toxic products.  You can check out my website at or connect with me and I can send you more info. 

This article was published on 09.03.2018 by Sharon Jayne
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