Top 8 Ways To Generate Leads And Get Signups Using MLM Gateway


If you are a member of MLM Gateway, you may be wondering what strategies and tactics are most effective at getting new leads, and signing up new people into your MLM business.

Well, I've been using MLM Gateway for a few years at this point, and last year and throughout this year, I've seen many new signups into my own MLM business, and even more leads.

But, to add more benefit, the affiliate sales and signups to additional programs have been even greater then MLM signups, but that's how it goes anywhere.

So what can YOU do to get more signups into your MLM business, generate more leads, and get additional commissions into affiliate programs?

Well, I'll share what is working for me, and you can begin getting the same results.

Connect With More People

First and foremost, connections are very important here on MLM Gateway.

With connections, you are able to alert them every time a business announcement you write is published.

They get an email in their inbox, so it's just like emailing them yourself to promote a new piece of content you made.

Also, many will get into deeper conversations with you if you do not spam them when connecting. 

You don't have to ask people to join anything, just create a conversation, and listen for a problem they may have that you can help with.

Doing it this way opens up several affiliate sales, and can generate subscribers if you have an email list yourself.

Of course, from time to time, people ask to join your MLM business (rare, but eventually happens)

Business Announcements

This is where the MLM signups can come in.

Or, leads and affiliate sales.

In most business announcements, you'll see I do not try to promote any specific program or business, I just share tips I think are useful.

By creating content that MLM Gateway members can benefit from, leads to signups in my MLM business and more.

Focus on writing value based content, sharing tips, and writing more content that does not promote anything.

You can always add the P.S line at the bottom. These get a lot of leads if people read your content.

Running Ads

I try my best to always keep an ad running on MLM Gateway at all times.

I've found their ads here work.

Clicks can be slow coming in, but generate really good quality leads.

The ad can be the promotion of your MLM business.

But, if you do not have a funnel for the ad, you may be wasting your credits on clicks and no leads.

Make sure you are set up to generate and convert leads before running an ad.

You will get visitors, so you need to get contact info from them. Do not use your replicated MLM website when running ads here, or anywhere else.

Indirect Leads And Sales

One thing I do, and you can too if you have a personal blog, or Youtube channel, or even Facebook page, is drive your connections here to your websites.

When connecting with others, if someone asks me a question like "How can I get more people to look at my MLM business?"...

I can send them a link to a blog post I have written that answers that question.

Or any question for that matter.

When you connect with others here, try to connect with them in more places like Facebook or Twitter. Or let them know about your channel on Youtube.

Doing this will lead to signups and even commissions in affiliate programs later down the road if not instantly from some prospects.

Get Active

Another way to get more sales and signups using MLM Gateway, is to be more active on this site.

Start commenting on business announcements, to draw more connections.

Commenting on a few announcements will get you more connections from the person who wrote the comment, and those who may read the comment.

When talking to people away from MLM Gateway, such as Facebook, as them to connect with you on MLM Gateway as well. If they are not on MLM Gateway, it's a good way to get the referral credits and commissions if they upgrade or purchase credits.

Make Wall Posts

Wall posts are not read by people on the wall who are not connected with you, but they are seen publicly on your profile.

From time to time, write a wall post so it is seen on your profile.

You can show quite a few of your latest posts on your profile, each with it's own benefit.

I see many people's profiles, who never made a wall post. 

Links can be clickable in these, so use them wisely and keep them updated.

Speaking Of Profiles

Keeping a good profile page can really do well at getting people reaching out to you.

Make sure you add a video, one you made yourself to make it most effective.

You can add your MLM company video if you do not have one, but the more you leave people curious, and bring value to them, the more they want to ask you who you work with.

Create a professional profile, and let the visitors turn themselves into team members.

Stay Active

Everyday you get online to work your business, spend a little time on MLM Gateway building your momentum here.

The more active you are here, the more it will pull results.

It will not be a place where you just rake in new people everyday (not yet anyways) but it is a good place to get a new signup each month into your MLM.

Just a few minutes a day, to connect with a few people, write an announcement, make a wall post, and comment on a few announcements is all it takes.

This will keep your profile bringing you some results, and it won't take a lot of time to get them.

Did This Help?

If you got value or any new ideas from today's business announcement, please leave a comment below.

I appreciate all feedback, and will love to connect with all who leave comments.

If you want to continue sharing value with each other, shoot me a connection request, or let me know you want to connect in the comments below and I'll send one your way!

P.S All these signups I get from MLM Gateway, I can place beneath you as your own personal teammates as well. Take this free tour, and lock in a free spot under me, and I'll build you an empire as quickly as possible.

This article was published on 07.02.2019 by Jaye Carden
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