Well, you know how we all want more money....

Everyone here has a product or service and we are all looking for the same opportunity to gather Business Partners and Customers. It is crucial to the business that we sustain growth. To help with that business needs a way to attract and retain new customers and partners. One thing that makes this easier is referrals. What is one happy customer worth to your business? One Happy Customer is likely to tell 5 to 10 people about their experience. These will probably be people that you don’t have access to. One angry customer will tell the world about your company in a negative way. Word of Mouth still rules in the realm of Network Marketing.

I have a client that offered a $200.00 VIP Card to customers that came to his Dealership to test drive a new automobile. If they purchased a new car, he gave them a $2,000.00 VIP Card. Of course the first step was to provide quality customer service.

One Customer Story – The family wanted to take a trip to Disney. It was to be a 5 Day/4 Night Stay. That meant putting off the purchase of a new vehicle. The customer did the test drive for the new car and really wanted to know the price of the new car. Well, that quality customer service came through and he wound up with the new car. A little apprehensive of what he was going to say when he got home, and who wouldn’t be. New car and a $2,000.00 VIP Card is what he had to show the family. The spouse liked the new car and they quickly went to work on how to get the hotel to accommodate the Disney trip to be affordable. I get a call from the customer and he and his wife needed some assistance. Using the sites they always used to book travel, they found one place for about $1,300.00. They asked if I could help them navigate the VIP Site. I did and look what we found:

The total cost of your reservation is $597.39

Congratulations, you saved $648.07 and earned 757 Reward Credits!

Accommodations: xxxxxxxxxxx Resort & Spa Universal Studios Area

Arrival Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Departure Date: Sunday, November 25, 2018

Room Type: 2 Bedroom Villa

Happy with my Service….You Bet!

My client was very happy with the performance of this tool. Referrals are looking good! This customer will definitely tell the story of his experience with the VIP Card that he received when he purchased his new car! So that’s two referrals. One for the Dealership and One for the VIP Card.

Your Turn! Watch this short video that shows you how you can GIVE AWAY $200.00 VIP Cards - http://thefreevipclubcard.com/tkovipclub (The $200 VIP Club Card Explained}

I left the best part out of the story, but you will see it while you watch the video. You will see why I use this tool with my Primary Business but more importantly, why I am making this offer.

How much will the VIP Card cost your business? Your investment is 20 cents per card. If you are looking for something that would give you the most BANG for your buck in customer acquisition and retention dollars, I genuinely believe it to be worth your time to look into this.

So I've shared it with several of my other business owner friends who have loved it as well, and I thought you might appreciate it for your business. This surpassed my expectations, and it will definitely do the same with your customers and business.

Put it to the Test - Get your FREE $200.00 VIP Card https://goodlifeusa.com/club/my/tkovipclub - message me with any questions you have...

This article was published on 07.12.2018 by Tony Chavis
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