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FM World hits USA/Canada make you smell good

Federico Mahora World has a Multi-Level Marketing business model.  FM World was founded over two decades ago, has set  its position as a leader in the fragrance industry. The Mission of FM World is to deliver high quality products at  prices you can't pass up directly to households, excluding traditional retail networks all while help you earn an income and love what you doing.

FM World Poland was established in 2004 in Wrocław, Poland by Mr Artur Trawiński.  FM World products are known and sold on 6 continents. Presenting a unique business model – network marketing, with a type of direct sales. They have create products, which can be shared and a lifestyle that will give you financial freedom.  FM World fragrances undergoes certification to ensure genuineness, aligning with EU standards for quality and safety. Unlike counterfeit imitations, our products are formulated using the same premium ingredients as renowned name brands, guaranteeing a luxurious experience without compromise. Creating Trust in our brand for unmatched quality  in every scent. 

We currently sell Perfumes inspired by the well know fragrances with a free to join no monthly fees great support. We also sell Reed diffuser, candles with new scents coming this month and with nutruition products/supplements on their way.

You can make you own prices with promotions sales. no website provide or needed(but you can make you own). We have what is called a flipbook which have the list of the products. see the link for am example of one(may not be update depending on when you view this)

check it out  click the link below for an overview of what the company is about. 

There are several mays to earn the first is direct sales you sell a perfume and process the order direct ship when the customer is not located for you to delivery. whe you make 150 point you become commission quailfied from the company.

Then there is to build a team with 5 legs and everthing is point based and all runs up with the points.  Ther e is also more legs to add but that is for later info. Currently We are working with the fastest growing team in the USA.  Of Course I am still learning, they have been in the USA since about February 2024.   There is different levels you can grow to.  

The company is always having Back office sales for us to make more profit.

The other cool thing is when you join the first 24 hour after you join you will receive 50% of you entire order plus any current discounts with a max of 65 to 70% off.

message me here or email at

Thank you 

Patti and Vicki

Mother and Daughter team

This article was published on 03.06.2024 by Patricia Passaro
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FM World - perfumes/candles, Free to join
Our scents are inspired by the top fragrances in the world. FM WORLD produces and distributes genuine perfumes

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Rose Smith FM World sounds like an incredible opportunity! With their commitment to quality and safety, plus the flexibility to set your own prices, it's definitely worth checking out.  1 month ago

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