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I Have Rejoined SFI Marketing Group! Here Are The Reasons Why.

It's a 20-year old online MLM company and  you probably have been seeing this advertised online. So, one would wonder why Gomer Magtibay returned back to doing SFI?

Sometimes, to really succeed in MLM business, you have to align with a company that has a solid business. Something that's doing great, in good terms with the governments of the world, and is proven to help people achieve success.

The idea of a "ground floor opportunity" can't be applied at all situations. It depends on so many things, so stop chasing the next pioneering opportunity.

Trust me, I've been there.

I've chased prelaunch opportunities, only to find that the company does not meet my expectation, and worst, shut down by the FTC. So, why would you waste your time with companies that don't have good track record yet?

Take note, regulators are so active now, that if your affiliate or MLM program is questionable, you will risk wasting all your efforts and money to a company that's soon the be shut down by FTC (like DA or MOBE!).

So, why risk with questionable companies?

You're better off joining an old company with a proven track record like SFI.

System is already in place, and there's a robust online store that works like Amazon. So, what else are you looking for? Everything has been laid in place, favorable for success in team building.

Plus, just recently, they've overhauled the compensation plan, into something simple and achievable.

12 levels uni-level, with dynamic compression so you get rid of inactive downlines.

To me, that sounds great! My mathematician actuarian friend who specializes in MLM compensation plans once told me that one of the best MLM plans is uni-level plan. It's simple, yet lucrative.

  1. Company profile is great, 20 year old company, debt free.
  2. Products are great, there are thousands of products to promote via the online store.
  3. Uni-level compensation plan is great too, there's a lot of money to be made.
  4. And online marketing tools they provide for members or affiliates are great, too! 

Check out mine, here:

Once you join, you will be provided with powerful online recruiting tools like that. 

We have an affiliate center where you or your members will be trained, and also a forum where you can interact not only with fellow members, but with the company owner as well.

You can also find me in that forum.

I'm actively supporting my downlines, whether it be in coaching or actual downline support like spill-over, and the like. I love supporting those who are "willing".

If you are an action taker, then join me there!

"The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action." - Alexander Graham Bell

This article was published on 14.06.2018 by Gomer Magtibay
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Check this out I did.
I joined this company because of the testimonials of how the product brought people back to health. Money is important but relationship & benefit to others must be 1st.

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