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Verterverse: The Power Of Giving

 I found something extremely lucrative for you with experience in finance, marketing and gifting programs. VerterVerse just launched the biggest crypto follow me matrix in history and eliminated all the "gotchas" in a 2x2 cycler.

What makes it different?

We Join for FREE to access and give away a product of significant value FREE.

*There is no registration fees, no admin fees and no withdrawal fees to transfer your crypto earnings.

*There is no sponsoring requirements to earn.

*100% matching bonuses on personal referrals! What They earn in the matrix You earn in the Matrix!

* Free Members never lose their referrals.

* Auto upgrade on the first $50 of Match pay ONLY for FREE members.

* You do not have to close the matrix to access earnings.

*There is 100% payout of all monies Paid instantly into the e-wallets.

**Daily withdraws

There are over 3000 courses in this global Academy at NO COST TO YOU however the 7 paid Lifestyle courses (made by the film studio -exclusive to VV) are 1 course per matrix.

There are 7 matrices :

$50 matrix earns you $75 + your sponsor earns the same $75

$100 matrix earns you $150 + your sponsor earns $150

$200 matrix earns you $300 + your sponsor earns $300

$300 matrix earns you $450 + your sponsor earns $450

$500 matrix earns you $750 + your sponsor earns $750

$2000 matrix earns you $3000 + your sponsor earns $3000

$5000 matrix earns you $7500 + your sponsor earns $7500

For example.... let's say you enter your first 2 matrices (purchased 2 lifestyle courses) and you introduce someone that goes into any more or all 7 matrices simultaneously with their purchase, you STILL earn 100% match bonus for the higher boards you are not even on. You will match pay on All personal referral earnings but there are NO sponsorship requirements to earn commissions.

See the explanation here:

FULL 7 matrices buy in is $8,200 FULL 7 matrices payout is $12,225 1st cycle.

Everyone comes in where they fit in from FREE to $8200.

See the examples attached of what is earned in each matrix per cycle -

2x2 Matrices = 6 spots per board! Positions #1 & 2 are the pay line above.

Spots 3, 4, 5 is paid out to you AND your sponsor (pays on each spot instantly)

Spot 6 re-enters you onto your sponsor's current matrix so this goes to INFINITY!

Free Students/Members level 1 ($50) upgrades can be PIFd from back office earnings and there is an algorithm to be sure no one gets stuck on a dead board. Never been done before.

Thousands from around the world will join the academy and hit the 7 matrices in the next 72 hours! We can use this business model to fund the projects we have a purpose and a passion for and help others along the way.

Who do you know that would desire a financial education, learn a language, become a travel or blockchain expert, cooking, tailoring, mechanics, anything desired to learn all the way up to accredited university level education is available.

Join us as a student of the global Verterverse Academy for reimbursable tuition AND.... a potential ongoing residual income. Whether someone is a crypto enthusiast and money motivated, charity driven and philanthropic or interested in empowering and reinventing themselves THIS platform will help them reach their goals.

You will also receive a marketing system like mine at no cost for easy duplication.

Register, review and call me with any questions. (2348035868598) WhatsApp

I really enjoyed talking with you , we'll finish our conversation another day.

Be Blessed, Be a Blessing.

This article was published on 29.08.2022 by Jo Arch
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Stephen Goodwin This Opportunity Looks good !  3 months ago

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