Why Ad Rotator and Just What Is Ad Rotator

The other day I was asked this question and honestly I had to stop for one minute and really think about what I wanted to say. 

I didn't hesitate because I didn't know what to say. I knew what to say alright.

Nor did I hesitate because there was some part of the company I was sceptical about.

I hesitated because I really wanted to give an insiteful answer. Not one with a lot of flash and fanfare. Not an answer that was filled with hype. I just wanted to answer in a way one marketer would want to answer another, serious, honest, and strait to the point.

You see I know we are all tired of hearing about the next big thing, the next millionaire maker. The next never been seen anything like it before. But it is hard to not sound hype when a program that you work hard in, does exactally what it states it could do. So, after a long pause , I began explaining just why I chose Ad Rotator to be my next company and what it did and what it will do for me.

First what caught my attention was the passion my friend spoke with when he was trying to get me to look at Ad Rotator. He said Mike, you have to look at this one, please don't pass this one up. Look at it. So look I did, not because I wanted , but because of the passion behind my friend's request. I believed that if something got him this excited, I needed to look.

I have followed my friend into several programs and they have been successful. But I have never seen him like this.

The first thing he asked me was to answer 5 simple questions.

1- Does your company pay you 100% of the commissions?

2- Does your company pay you instantly?

3- Does your company pay you direct?

4- Do you own the company or does the company own you?

5- Does you company really train you how to be successful?

Well when I answered question #1,I said that all the actual companies I worked for always paid me a percentage. And the percentages ranged from 20 to 80 percent. I do sell affiliate products where I get 100% for selling the program, but never 100% from the company.

In Ad Rotator you get paid 100% commission from the company because you are the company. That's right, you are the company. Ad Rotator is a decentralized business and that simply means that the mother company allows those who have joined them to operate their business autonomously. And the mother company makes sure you are trained to the maximum so you can run your company the right way.

My answer to question #2 was similar. I have been paid instantly from my affiliate products but with the companies the pay usually flows through them.

My answer to question #3 again was very similar to the answer for question 1 & 2.Affilaite products yes , company no.

My answer to question #4 was that I own my company and I am allowed to run it as I please even if it is wrong.

My answer to question #5 was yes, I have been trained by other companies but the training we receive here goes deeper into the program marketing to such a degree that it causes you to know that you can accomplish anything. The training digs deeper into the processes of going viral with everything you learn.

And my friend told me that if my company didn't offer me these things, then I needed to be in his company. And I did.

What does Ad Rotator really do for me?

Well, once I go thorugh the training I will be able to add several extra streams of income to myself.

Not only will I have the Ad Rotator program to grow and build along with all it's training, I will be able to be an advertising company myself and make money advertising other peoples programs. I will be able to run their social marketing, local and internet marketing, classifieds marketing and do their graphics and more.

I will be able to set up their websites and landing pages and more.

I am in such a better position than I was even in before.

The possibilities are endless. And the money is amazing!.

So, if you really are looking for something different, something that builds you and what you are trying to do, I would advise you to go here===>FREEBOOK<=== and grab our free ebook.

Then go here===> Business Presentation <=== and watch our presentation.

And I know you will not regret it.

Michael Harris

This article was published on 11.01.2016 by Michael Harris
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Lyle Gabriel Good post, I learn my stuff from the presentations and my sponsor coach james, thanks to all  4 years ago
James Seal Great post , learning a lot from you! Thanks!  4 years ago

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