When THEY Say No!

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It's often the case, that you can become very discouraged when building a business.

Building a business is like raising a child. you need to feed, water, nourish and provide undivided attention and guidance to ensure that it can flourish and grow to be BIG, strong and resilient.

Unfortunately, way too many so called "entrepreneurs" forget the very reason of why they started in business.

They are ready to throw the towel in almost immediately once rejection stares them in the face.

No matter who we are and where we end up in life, rejection will follow no matter what.

Perseverance through rejection is what truly sets us free.

You see, the issue is that way too many people are not prepared to grind hard and work their asses off for success. It sounds so much better only talking about the dreams and wishes they have. When it comes down to them building a business and growing a team, this is when the excuses start.

"My sponsor doesn't help me" (excuse)

"The company doesn't value me" (excuse)

"I don't have experience" (excuse)

"I've never started a business before" (excuse)

"i'm busy, can I take a look later" (excuse)

"my hamster is sick" (excuse)

"Do I have to SELL anything?" (excuse)

"Is it guaranteed?" (excuse)

Plus all the other lame ass, half cocked excuses that you hear from so many people who fail flat waving a white flag right before they've even begun.

What happened to the hardcore entrepreneurs of yesteryear?

Check out the people who came to this country from a generation or so ago (parents, or grandparents) Hardcore. Persistent. Relentless & Determined.


Because circumstances and conditions forced them to act swiftly and mediocrity scared the living shit out of them..if they had nothing, they had nothing to lose in attaining everything for themselves and their family..


Since I was 20 yrs old and during my lunch breaks at university (college to my USA folks), I was quietly building my business.

Was I fearful? - yes, but that was fu**ing exciting!

Was I rejected? - Countless times

Did I know all the answers? - No, but knowledge is a gift with time

Did I succeed? - only as a result of my failures did I finally succeed and lead the company to a successful exit.

Nowadays, it's a few projects online/offline projects and private investments.

You can truly have anything you want in your life. Who is stopping you. Some strange act of god? If you're willing and able, you can do ANYTHING. Be ANYTHING. Now get out there, change the world, transform lives and remember....No excuses.

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This article was published on 06.01.2017 by Ron S
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