GO ONLINE OR DIE! (Figuatively ofcourse, I'm not a maniac)-Part 1


So this is what they teach around the world:

Go to school

Get good grades

Go to college

Get a job

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Why do they teach this you might ask? Because the system was made by employers who need the EMPLOYEES to be SURPRESSED into being worker rats who make the EMPLOYERS RICH.

This system stems from the industrial age when people who were rich were generally owners of large corporations with massive staffing number, huge overheads and big properties, however with increasing cost of basically everything, this isn’t as profitable as it once was and-along with that- it is stressful and taxing on the individuals who head these companies (this is from personal experience of observing family and friends). A lot of emphasis was always put on trading time for money or otherwise known as ploughing one’s trade or a hard days work, but nowadays lots of the Millenials (or people who are from the current generation which are becoming adults) see this as a very bad way to go that doesn’t allow you to do much at all with your life especially if you’re not doing something that you love! Millienials –like me- can see a better way, a way in which money flows in for you doing nothing at all and you can have all the time and money in the world!

(This is what they want but they don’t always get it because they don’t join my network marketing company and help themselves, but oh well.)

The new emphasis is on happiness and time. Happiness being obvious as it is a core value of all humans to seek happiness in all aspects of life (even though most do not seek it and give up and find other things to occupy themselves with or numb the pain of being unhappy, but that is for another article altogether) and has been with humans since we were evolved and can be found in our reproductive process or orgasms being the happiest experience in the world which therefore caused the human race to exist and keep existing. So this commodity shall we say is very natural and understandable, however the next commodity, time is something that has only been-in the past- coveted by the rich to whom money has no real value!

This emphasis on time will be explained in the next part of GO ONLINE OR DIE!

Yadav Timmal-Cape Town, South Africa


This article was published on 08.11.2015 by Yadav Timmal
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