Absolute belief in my NWMarketing business

I have had persistence focus and belief at least so I thought given the duration and integrity of my Network Marketing business......I now realize that without personal development there would be less likelihood of success with any network marketing company.    

 I am feeling so blessed as I have applied myself to the personal development that has been freely available all along......did I do it every day or every 2nd day or even weekly on starting my networking journey.  No, I would start to read or listen, and get so distracted by literally anything - but now as my residual income is beginning to flow rather than trickling, I have become very loyal and even more committed to succeeding with this sensational company.  Seriously get paid when people pay their essential service bills and bills that we are going to pay for the rest of our lives anyways......it just makes sense and it will provide me with time and freedom together in time to come - plus I get to choose when that will be, by the action I do or not do, by the commitment I have or not have......action will lead to result so I simply need to stop all procrastination and get the job done.  I love the fact that this will allow me to leave a legacy footprint on our planet to assist disadvantaged children around the globe, and that I will have the time to be physically involved in this dream that I will create. 

Doing it 'my way' for sometime has slowed my results down, my ego was holding me back.  No longer - there is a proven system that actually works extremely well when I follow it and apply it daily - like any habit it improves with practice and consistency in what we do and this will lead me to my dreams, allowing me to create my chosen path with an amazing vehicle that provides all the support and training for my success.

I highly recommend that if and when you start with a network marketing company that you invest on yourself.  Do the necessary personal development to become the best of the best at what it is that you are doing.  Lead by example, shine the light for others to follow as this is how we can build successful teams of distribution for ongoing passive incomes.  We need to acknowledge that yes I am worth it, it is quite OK to develop my self further for the better.     JUST DO IT -  GET IT DONE and most of all enjoy the journey.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

This article was published on 09.03.2016 by Lauren Botting
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