OnPassive is a very real…

OnPassive is very real…

➢ Internet Business.

➢ Brick and mortar assets.

➢ Products- Online Marketing Business Solution.

So…. right out of the gate, you can let the fear of not understanding online marketing, the fear of getting in too far, or even the fear of being scammed go. This solution has a 100% Lifetime, Money Back

Guarantee; no questions asked.

And as you will learn, this means we finally have a business solution that allows everyone to succeed no matter who they are or what they have done previously. Every member, whether passive or active, will

succeed automatically!

So, you can relax a bit.

Focus on what you are reading here.



I’ll speak a little about the OnPassive product briefly right here at the

beginning because there are so many people that just don’t seem to

understand what the products are. Actually there are those that still

believe there are no products and that could not be farther from the truth.

The products that OnPassive will provide are all under the “umbrella” of a

term that defines them as a whole. That term is “Smart Business

Solution.” So, there you have it. OnPassive’s product is a smart business solution made up of a suite of products consisting of everything you could possibly need to run an online marketing business. We will discuss this more in-depth further along in this book. When we roll this thing out folks are going to absolutely be blown away by its capabilities.

We currently have more than

37,000 Founding Members. That, on its own, is unheard of for a company in its infancy, not to mention we haven’t even launched yet! But as good as that may be, it’s not even a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to where we are headed.

The OnPassive system will be capable of handling literally millions and millions of members. You need to know that. Because,

with the correct program… the right platform infrastructure… you can retain its core while replacing elements of the program when they become obsolete or when new tech is available.

In this manner, the whole platform can remain active and cutting-edge for many years; a lifetime even. That’s how OnPassive is built. This is to say he core of the OnPassive Platform is

solidly built for the future and takes the “big picture” into consideration.

Everybody will Succeed!

Please understand that the OnPassive product is a revolutionary, standalone,

Online Marketing Business Solution is driven by Artificial Intelligence

(AI).. You got that, right? It’s a total business solution. It has been meticulously developed from the ground up using artificial intelligence (AI).

It is a brand new, never-before-seen technology perfectly integrated into a

complete system. It’s not a “copy-cat” or Look-alike” product. So we want futuristic, big-picture thinkers and leaders. We want to attract those leaders

that show a patient, a visionary mindset that can bring value and leadership

to the “table”, so to speak, and thereby add value to the company as a


When you employ this system, no matter where you are in your business, it can boost your efforts mid-stride immediately to get you going at a rate and direction conducive to phenomenal success. Because, and this is something to think about, if some of us don’t change our strategy or direction, we may just end up where we are headed. For some that could be scary.

So, let’s talk more about the products and what you can expect

from OnPassive. In a “nutshell” our product is a first-ever,

life and lifestyle changing, artificial intelligence-driven, Setit-and-forget-it smart business solution consisting of:

➢ Rotators,

➢ Funnels,

➢ Landing Pages,

➢ Bulk Emailers,

➢ Email Campaign Data Cleaners,

➢ Contact Managers,

➢ Autoresponders,

➢ Domain Names,

➢ Domain Hosting,

➢ Site Creators,

➢ Webinar Hosting,

➢ Crowd-funding

➢ And much more

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that

makes the old model obsolete.”

Fuller, R. Buckminster

And that is what we have done. Our online marketing system is destined to render the past standards of online

marketing obsolete.

Our New Model is

unique because:

We provide a platform to those with

businesses to so they become more

successful. We seek to increase their


We provide those that have no business

or success in online marketing a plug-andplay system that guarantees their success.

We seek to help them obtain abundance

We are in at least 145 Countries and

growing everyday. We are already a true

Global Presence.

➢ We are fully legal- worldwide

➢ We are fully compliant- worldwide

➢ We are causing an online marketing paradigm shift to

the new world standard

➢ We will not be shut down by a government; they will

use our products!

IF YOU ARE A MARKETER, (Network, Affiliate, Multi-Level, Direct

Sales… whatever.) I don’t need to tell you what this means. Once we launch, you choose or use YOUR OWN DOMAIN; not the company’s.

It’s your business… yours… and its grown and branded for you by

OnPassive. And every tool you would ever need to build and be more successful at growing your own business is included.

IF YOU ARE NOT A MARKETER, this means that you will be automatically marketing the OnPassive Business Solution and generating income that will grow month after month while OnPassive

builds your business. You will not have to recruit, sell, promote or anything else if you don’t want to… but you can earn much more if you do.

So Relax.

We Help You Succeed!

Become a Founder

Before the Big launch!

Putting the pieces together, it means we finally have a business solution that allows everyone to succeed no matter who they are or what they have done previously. Every member, whether passive or active, will succeed automatically.

This article was published on 06.09.2019 by Ronald Tate
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