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Instead of Enticing Subscribers with Cheap E-books, Entice Them With Free Silver

Build your landing page list fast! Don't give them cheap love, like a Free E-book! I pay no extra , and I found a source that will give my subscribers free graded pure .999 silver bullion! I All I do is have to advertise and drive traffic,! This gets traffic on my list like no other source I have foun! Amazing! It's free! Look at it! It's also another income source, a huge one!

Online Business Happen Without Opt-in Customers! Free Graded Pure .999 Silver Bullion Entices Most People Over an E-Book!

So the Choice is yours. Market Yourself as Cheap, even though you pay no extra for this company to give your clients free silver to subscribe!  Or let them know you are about prosperity, and giving away free silver shows that what you do is prosperous, compared to cheapskates giving away free E-Book Spam!  Sure the silver bullion provider has an agenda: profit motive! But they are showing you that if you duplicate the wealth status with bullion, as an entrepreneur, most intelligent entrepreneurs that really have means always have at least 10% to 20% of assets in bullion, silver or gold. But your motive now is to figure out how to get our subscribers to join your list! This is the best chance you have at reaching strangers in the ethernet! You might as well start now, please get your silver, and subscribe to see exactly how I build my list! 


As a custom home real estate developer, I live in homes that I build, and pay the least possible price for the most expensive debt that is financed for decades. I save tens of thousands of dollars on my real estate. I use academic economic principles that are required for wealth building. Network Marketers can become millionaires without a High School Diploma! Nevertheless, I am provding the answers to the test questions I took in college, and these answers can be understood by a 5th grader. So here goes! Opportunity Cost is an analysis shown in academic economics, usually in a graph, but not necessarily. Basically, it examines your choices that you make for business decisions, and then it reveals that some of your choices are an excess expense that your competitors do not spend, thus they will have more working capital, and be able to out advertise you, thus, they will curb the market. 

So you see that you can give away free E-Books, or you can out spend your competitors by giving your opt-in prospects free Silver Bullion! How does these alternative choices, mongst various other choices project your image as a reliable business mentor for you prospects? I think the answer is obvious: Don't you?

My primary business is

That last link will take you to a website with a video explaining how you can inject 3.2 million dollars into an existing mlm network marketing group, thus, creating instant community wealth over the next year. What this will do is to "stimulate your marketing communities economy," just like if you were Alan Greenspan, or the President, that injects money into world economies to stimulate growth, except this money I show you is real money, not counterfeited or money from nothing created by the Federal Reserve that causes inflation for the latter presidents that follow. No way! Your competition will be in a recessionary bind not able to upgrade, increase autoship, or afford new products! Ultimately the leaders will still be gaining wealth, but wealth from exploiting under educated network marketers, but sill the leaders will be diminishing their own opportuinty cost deficient income. Does this make sense to you? Please email me and let me know if this rings home to you as a viable means of creating wealth using economic principles! This is wealth pulled out of thin air like magic, yet it is reality, and most marketers ignore this outside of wall street! Wall street would fire them and send them to someones downline to be exploited! 

Please, If you can't find business people like myself, and you desire to be more mainstream, please contact me, and let's work together! 

Thank you Sincerely! 

Patrick M. Hamer


Weight Loss Economics.

Weight Loss Economics

This article was published on 05.10.2016 by Pat Hamer
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