WCL Live Zoom Calls: Introduction and Overview of Business.

Please feel free to join our WCL Live Zoom Calls:  Introduction and Overview. Mondays to Fridays.

Date and Time:  2021, 9 PM (UK) time.

2:00 PM PST

3:00 PM MST

4:00 PM CST

5:00 PM EST


Meeting ID: 452 737 0916

Also, Visit Our Own Team Website for Allstars for past recordings and training in WCL system! Lots of Information here!



My signup link:- https://worldcryptolife.com/mall/bbs/register.php?a=coopermoney/rh

My signup Link:- https://worldcryptolife.com/mall/bbs/register.php?a=coopermoney/lh

WCL Travel Club:-   https://youtu.be/6djHNbB5hyg 

WCL - Compensation Plan:- https://youtu.be/GViPaJvM-3g


Hello, my future business partner! If you have watched Binance Coin BNB soar to No 3 position in global market cap from under 1 Billion six months ago, to 46 Billion today, then please understand what we have is far more powerful and even in alliance with Binance Exchange. Top South Korean Cyber tech and Blockchain designer on board who worked with Binance Exchange. We also have something binance does not - a Legally compliant base in the USA with Bank of America offering all members a Business debit card for crypto to cash withdrawals. Please watch this short video to know the significance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_Fgd9f5_fk

We are looking for Serious Business Partners! who are interested in collecting crypto.

 ALL you need to do is work towards becoming 1 Star l couldn't believe it, earning commissions from 5 of the 6 income streams. Can't wait for the Affiliate Bonuses to kick in from ALL the affiliate companies on board and new ones coming 20% of their profits SHARED into the Affiliate Bonus Pool,  5% of that goes to a '1 Star ' THAT ALONE is RIDICULOUS! GUY'S!!!!!.

In ALL my years plus of been in MLM, I've NEVER seen such a compensation plan, that when it comes to Leadership Pool Bonuses or GLOBAL Pool Bonuses, YOU normally have to be a ROCK STAR Networker to get a look in on those bonuses, you have to go through hoops and have some SERIOUS VOLUME!  WCL GIVES YOU 2 OF THOSE BONUSES! For ALL the 1 STAR'S - 5 STAR'S

Global Pool Bonus 3% - The 1 Stars gets 1%

Affiliate Pool Bonus 20% - The 1 Stars gets a 5% share of that Bonus! All that person has to do to is; Achieve 2000 (PV) Purchase Volume, on your weaker leg, which is equivalent to 8 people purchasing a Tri-Pack (3 Personal packages) of the $100 Membership Package x 3 = $300 it's that simple. It's NOT YOU personally bringing all 8 people, if 4 of those duplicate, then it's only 4 people working!


I would like all  Networker to get in touch with us. I will actually show you what I earned this month and other months, l  will show you evidence, over a private zoom call, i will show you my back office;

My Earnings to date, everyday earnings, My Gpoints which l am saving to upgrade, Gpoints that l have Gifted, My IMC locked Tokens, what l paid for them what they are valued Today. What Membership Package l started with $100, the package l have now, then next package l am upgrading to, the number of people in the team. I even show you my Bonus Statement, which shows EVERY payment and ALL the 6 different types of Income Payments

This is NOT to show off, but to show you how  serious this business is  and I'm NOT playing, I'm in this Full-time .

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