I Read A Book.

I once read a book called the Richest man in Babylon. It was so close to the truth it was almost unbelievable, It did much more than inspire me...it changed my whole way of thinking about how I handled my finances, like Saving at least 10 per cent of everything you earn and not to confuse your necessary expenses with your desires. It’s simple to say, and I'm as guilty as the next person but most people never achieve a serious measure of wealth because they never seek it. They never truly seek it, focus on it, or commit to it.

Over the past 3000 years, gold has risen in value consistently. It's not about hoping it's going to go up in value, because it has been doing that for 3000 years. I have been purchasing gold now through karatbars for about 3 years and studying the history of gold and the benefits of karatbars gold are making my opportunity and my team much easier to expand.

It is said that less than 1 per cent of the population of the world own 24karat 999.9 purity gold, most of the wealthy own gold, the banks and governments all over the world own gold but don't want you to know about it, gold that they purchase with your savings and taxes. Karatbars international are changing that, they are bringing affordable gold to the masses, now the elite group of karatbars affiliates now own gold throughout 144 different countries and still growing. I am part of this elite group and you can be too.

Karatbars future has enhanced even future now with the arrival of their cryptocurrency, KBC and KCB backed by 24karat gold, this is a very big plus and not be treated as short term, also people who purchase a profit package also get the equivalent of the price of the package in cryptocurrency, imagine those coins in 5 years time backed by real gold, look where bitcoin was 5 years ago, backed by nothing no one even knows whos behind bitcoin. When you purchase life insurance you never get to reap the benefits, your relatives need to see you dead before they can collect but it doesn't do you any good, by saving in gold you can share it with them while you're still alive. WATCH VIDEO

Imagine much more than just saving gold, Imagine having a business saving in gold and getting paid for just sharing this opportunity teaching people how to save money, getting paid to show people that they can have a better financial future for them, for their children and their childrens, children. It's a win-win situation

Here we can do more than just share the gold, we can share the opportunity by saving in gold and having a business. Imagine getting paid to teach people how and where to save money. We are getting paid to show people how they can experience a financially better life. This is a true win-win situation.

The vision behind karatbars international is CEO and Senator Dr Harald Seiz who's giving everybody in the world the chance to be able to own small amounts of gold, an ounce of gold is way out of most peoples reach around the world mine including me, but think about it, how many grammes make an ounce, Dr Harald Seiz is making gold affordable for everyone. It started with 1-gramme bars, Now there is cash-gold, it looks like money with gold bars placed in the middle of it starting with 0.01 of a gramme cost about as much as a costa coffee, or Starbucks, like me before I started, how many of those do you buy a month. Gold is real money.

The notes in you're wallet is called a note because it's a promise to pay, the note, fiat currency that is backed by nothing, Just a piece of paper with a promise to pay, Gold is real money, it has immediate value, have you ever heard the saying ' it's not worth the paper its written on'? That's fiat currency.

The best part about karatbars is learning how to save money not spend it, a lot of people it's earning money and spending it, If you have a credit card your spending it before you earn it, Karatbars is about teaching people on how much you can save, not about how much you make It's about paying yourself first, and looking after your future generations. Register Here as an affiliate for your free gold savinge account

This article was published on 14.08.2019 by Barry Hake
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