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My Passion in life and helping people.

My belief and passion throughout my adult life is helping other people wherever I can. Previously I had been a flying instructor, ground instructor and college lecturer serving my local town and area by passing on knowledge to my students. Now with the advent of the internet the reach in helping people is that much wider it’s also given us the ability to pass on funds to friends around the world who are living on the breadline.

My greatest passion are two special ones for crowdfunding with the Peoples Project. They are these two lovely girls, Gillian on the right then aged 12 in 2016 and Kirsty aka Tintin.

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Unfortunately, the picture cannot be shown here, but they can be seen along with further information on the success of the Peoples Project.

A very long story short. I first got to know them through a friend their Aunt Rebecca, who asked for my help in Gillian’s school assignments via the internet, they live in the Philippines.

In 2016 I had a long holiday on Nipa with Rebecca and her family on what I call the Family Island, one of hundreds in the Philippines only accessible by boat, a small village with only footpaths, no running water, no free or assisted healthcare, no free education after a young age, a poor community like many of them are.

Towards the end of my stay, Rebecca along with their mother Marycris asked me if I could fund their school fees, having seen how hard the girls worked on chores and the school assignments (and still do) I agreed. During the six years since then, they have worked diligently at school, had high scores, been consistently at the top of the tables and getting numerous certificates and awards.

Gillian is now approaching 18 starting college and wishes to be a nurse studying in the UK or Europa. Tintin wishes to be a flight attendant. Concentrating on Gillian first because she is the older, her education requirements now will be more expensive, hence why I have joined Peoples Project crowdfunding.

Have you a reason for crowdfunding either for a charity, yourself or just because you can? For an explanation watch the short 4min video and the slightly longer one in the trusted link and get back to me with any questions.

During the week we have several zoom chats, meeting fellow members from around the world to hear how it’s working and how successful they are, we are here to help one another.  Run by Colin from B’ham and Maria in Sydney. They are recorded, and there are details and Zoom times to gather more information.

This article was published on 07.11.2022 by Mike Amor
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