Trump? Hillary? Who's Best For Your MLM Business?

As you are aware the republican and democratic candidates are fast at work trying to secure themselves as the winner for the 2017 election.

As a home business person you have to ask yourself,Does it matter who is the winner in this upcoming election?

I am pretty sure at this posting that it will be either Donald Trump as the republican candidate and Hillary Clinton as the democratic winner.

Will either candidate sabotage your MLM business or prosper your business?

Now you may have a great love affair for one and a hate for the other party member.

That said, my personal belief is that neither candidate is going to make you any more wealthier,or poorer than you currently are now.

My friend,if it's to be-------it's up to you!

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton camp {Bill Clinton included} are worth an estimate of around $111 million dollars.

Donald Trump weights in with a net worth of around $4.5 billion dollars. They have made their money and will continue to make money.

Neither is suffering. They will continue to be rich weather you prosper or don't prosper.

And get this... all of their fellow government cronies will prosper too.

So my hats off to you as an entrepreneur. For you taking matters into your own hands rather than waiting on the government to save you.

To make you wealthy. To have to blame for your dearth of money.

You are the boss,you are in charge of your success or failure.

By taking ownership of these statements will allow you to be accountable to yourself and your loved ones.

Partner whatever business you are in {and here's hoping your business model is sound and legit} power to you for taking this initiative.

Personally I am in the gold business.

Not gold as a E.T.F. or speculation on and up and down cycle. But I am involed in physical gold.

Gold as a protection against the falling,weak dollar.

This is a serious business. A legit model. This ain't one of them deals.

One of them deals where you put $5.00 in and wa la..... you make a million dollars---------Right!

The rich know that gold is the old and the future, It keeps you from being controlled by the government.

Trump knows the value of gold and the peril of the weak dollar.

See here.

For more information on how we do what we do and why we do what we do,

Click here below.

This article was published on 15.03.2016 by Wendell Wilkins
Member comments:

Kevin Duffy Bernie would be best for everyone....  4 years ago
Dean Hart Hi Wendell - Please Call Me! - Thank You (208) 898-0659 MTN  4 years ago
Donell Walker I doubt it'll have an effect on my success who becomes President .. Great Announcement Wendell im all about the end game as well .. Hedge your money... Gold and Oil is forever  4 years ago
Online Marketer with trump , russia will be more strong in the world  4 years ago
Athena Gay A very interesting presser, Wendell. I can never understand why hard working folk always vote for wealthy folk. They life interests are simply not the same.  4 years ago
Online Marketer i lost there 7447 USD  4 years ago
Online Marketer #Trump was the #sponsor of #Paul #Flanagan who #scammed people across #revupyourincome  4 years ago
Online Marketer but really what is the difference between democratic and republican party?  4 years ago

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