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Resist The Resistance

I am not suggesting a political stance!

 And yet, in today's political climate it would be apropos. I am settling on a different type of resistance. A resistance that is evil in its character and destructive in its essence.

This resistance can settle in the being of a person and squash every dream and desire and goals a person life. And can accomplish this destructiveness right under the noise of its victim. 

 Consider the millions upon millions of people that have dreamed and have aspired to reach higher goals; yet, finding themselves no closer than the year before.  

Resistance is like creative avoidance.  

It communicates to you falsely why you should not strive for more than you have. It will say and do what ever it takes to squash your upward movement to do the things you want to do. When we finally decide to battle resistance; to say to it, "I've had enough, I'm moving forward," be prepared for battle!  

For resistance, ain't a punk, and it plays for keeps. "Resistance, like people, will break you down, so you better stand straight, if you ain't built for the game (of fighting resistance) you can't play."

Are you afraid?

You are, aren't you? That's not cool! Resistance is all about fear. But the interesting thing about it, resistance has no power other than the fear we feed it. Sounds a bit like self-sabotage? Resistance has many forms. It is negative and distracting and invariably keeps people from achieving. More importantly, resistance is your enemy within--it is self-generating and self-perpetuating. We cause it.   

It Takes more than 2 Tylenol

There is an old saying, "take two Tylenol and call me tomorrow." Unfortunately taking anything won't rid us of the enemy within, yet it can be beaten. Everyone struggles with the energy of resistance--None are immune. If you've been wanting to start that new project no matter what it is, shrug it off and deal with it. Easy, no it won't be. Doable, hell yeah!

Are you happy where you are right now? Your every plans and goal are met and you have nothing else to pursue! Yeah, I thought so. So what is stopping you? Yes, you are. If you want to succeed, you have to treat your life's aspirations as the most important things in the world; with an energy greater than the resistance. 

We've all got a passion. We all have something or something we are good at. Resist the resistance. There will be challenges; but, dedicate yourself to hard work and persevere. Before you know it, you will see the changes. The hard work paying off.  

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This article was published on 21.11.2018 by Mark A. Thomas
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