How Are You Marketing Your MLM Business? (Biz Series, Episode 2)

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Today I continue to explore the ‘art of advertising’!

Salesmanship is to convince readers that they should buy the product you want to sell. Many entrepreneurs and local businesses find it impossible to do this convincingly on Social Media because the customer does not stand before them, with his/her facial expression as an index to the line of conversation that should be had with the prospective customer.

Ad Copy Secrets

This is where the creative power of writing Ad copy becomes vitally necessary. You must first analyze the proposition thoroughly. In other words, what does the product look like, how it feels and what problem does it solve for the prospective customer. Master the full details of the product you want to sell. Next, lay out a logical line of convincing argument for the product, highlighting the good points and subtly masking the bad ones out of the reader’s mental vision.

Stage your logical line of convincing argument to fit your audience. Your given argument should strike responsively in the minds of a given number of readers if presented in an accepted form of thought and expression. The true role of a Social Media Ad campaign is to evoke an emotion that will lead to a BUY!

Effective headlines in Ad Copy or Business Announcements are expressed in 5 – 10 words. Your headline has only one job – to stop your prospect and compel him/her to read the second sentence in your Business Announcement. In the exact same way, your second sentence has only one job – to compel him/her to read the third sentence in your Business Announcement. And the third sentence – and every additional sentence in your Business Announcement – has the exact same job.

The first two stages in writing your Business Announcements are:

1. Define the mass desire that makes up your target market, and

2. Select the one performance in your product that satisfies that desire most deeply

The definition of your target market by mass desire, and the selection of the product performance most likely to capture the market, forms the core concept or theme of your Business Announcement. Your Business Announcement always begins with your target market, and leads that target market inevitably into your product. The beginning of your Business Announcement – your headline – is the first step in this process. Therefore, your headline concerns itself entirely with your target market.

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This article was published on 02.05.2021 by Todd Mann
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