Under 45 $ to start your own business?

Yes - it is possible! I have 6 places left in my organisation, at this price. So I wonder....

✨ Is it you I am looking for?✨

✅Do YOU want to make som extra money, each month ?

✅Be using and promoting good products?

✅Work from your cellphone or pc?

✨With the extra bonus: getting in shape at the same time?✨

In this business, like all others, you have to work to get paid. I will not lie to you, and tell you it is just to join the company, and then expect money to come rolling in. But you will get great tools to help you earn your money!

 ✅Your own webshop, for free the first month, and then a monthly fee of 26 $. ( You can take a look at mine here: https://make-a-change.itworkseu.com/ )

 ✅Your own e-office - eSuite - from where you manage your business, and also find training and educational tools. 

Let me tell you: If you spend a lot of hours on your mobilephone, using sosial media - you have a great advantage in this business. You already know the arena!  And most of all - you already have customers at your hand. What could be more exiting than making money out of something you are spending so much time doing? Being able to work from anywhere, to make that extra income you need?

 ✅Sitting on the bus or train, heading to or from work or school

 ✅ In front of the tv in the evenings

 ✅ At lunchtime

Have you ever watched these influensers on sosial media, making money,  thinking "whish I could do that"? Well, YOU can! 

BUT! There is always a but... The real way to earn money on this business, is caring about people! Wanting to help them achieve a healthier life. Regardless if it's weightloss or just taking care of their body & skin, we should aim to find the right product for each person. Happy costumers will come back to you! And, yes, our products are NOT recommended for persons that are under the age of 18! 

What are our products? Areas: beauty, nutrition and lifestyle. Some of our products are Ketoworks, wich goes well together with a low carbohydrate diet. Oh yeah - we also have an area for apparel. Not our biggest priority, but still, a great way to promote your business! Use it - wear it - share it, and the costumers will come.

Now think about this: what was the last ting you used 45 $ on, and what did it give you in return?

I would say 45 $ to be able to start your own business is a great opportunity. Wouldn't you? 

Check it out at: https://make-a-change.itworkseu.com/

This article was published on 07.03.2019 by Gerd Nilssen
Author's business opportunity:

It Works Global - ketoworks, skincare, 45 USD to join

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