Three Powerful Ways to Market Your MLM Business

Phone Prospecting.

I don’t know what the figures are but I know that it’s only a small amount of marketers who actually pick up the phone and speak to their prospects. Don Reid of Apache Leads calls the problem “phone fear”. The idea of calling a stranger up out of the blue fills some people with massive anxiety. 

However, when you’ve made a few calls and realised that it doesn’t actually kill you, you do realise that it’s not the easiest form of marketing. Many of your calls go to answer machine which presents the question as to whether you should leave a message or not. If you do leave a message apparently the most amount of call-backs that you’ll get is 20%.

But looking on a brighter side, there is a lot of help online for people who want to learn the art of phone prospecting. Ryan Gunness is one professional who gives people a lot of free guidance on the subject. And his company, MLMROD provides leads who have experience of network marketing so you won’t have to explain to your prospect exactly what MLM is!

So, basically phone prospecting is the most direct way of forming trust between yourself and your lead.  It need only take two or three calls for this to be established. And leads are relatively cheap and are even free from some sources. So get phoning and building your business!

Solo Ads

My experience of solo ads is that they are an incredibly powerful form of marketing. Within a day or two of placing your order you have suddenly got hundreds or even thousands of new emails in your auto-responder! 

It is quite easy to find a good Solo Ad vendor. If you go on Facebook and join one of the Solo Ad testimonial groups, you can see reviews people have left about their solo ad experiences.

Prices can vary widely with Solo Ads but you usually get what you pay for. For Premium Tier 1 clicks expect to pay over 55 cents/click. There are a number of budget $10 solo ad web sites but you’re wasting your time and money with those services.

video marketing

If you can create an attractive and appealing video you can reach thousands of people in a very short time with video marketing. People just love watching videos. In fact, You Tube is now probably watched more than TV (certainly by kids and young adults anyway). 

If you don’t feel comfortable showing your face on a video you can still video your computer screen while you talk about a given topic (voice over). You can use systems like ‘Screencast-o-matic’ for that approach in video marketing.  You can also show yourself in the bottom corner of the screen if you so wish.

I have been marketing for a few years now and I can tell you for nothing that there are many forms of marketing that are appealing but are a complete waste of time.  Traffic exchanges and Safelists are two examples that come to mind. Also spamming your link over Facebook. Let me tell you, it may be easy but no one is going to join your business that way. You need to build up a relationship of trust with someone first.

I use these methods to market my business. Please check it out, it's called Mintbuilder 

This article was published on 05.10.2018 by Steven Lloyd
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