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Hi all

WSG - The new social and business platform, born out of passion with a need to keep that passion growing…. Welcome to the WSG experience here at

The WSG promise:

At WSG you are assured that the WSG or the team at WSG will:

1. will never sell your personal information

2. never claim rights to your photos, videos, and other media you upload

3. not litter the site with ads, pop-ups, spam emails, or teasers

About WSG:

Web Surfer George is designed to offer a simplified social media presence while providing great features which online users – both individual private users as well as business users now want, expect and demand with a new zing added in form of some wonderful bonus features

WSG – the differentiator…

WSG has a very fair and powerful referral commission system with which any of the WSG members earn - paid members earn more money per referral than free members

WSG was born because there were no ad-free sites and there was a very real risk of where the shared media - posts, music, videos, photos might end up or how they could be misused causing unending grief!!

Yes, WSG needs money like any other web sites or businesses, to operate and stay online.

The money needed to keep WSG going comes from your paid monthly subscriptions, should you choose to be a paid member to get the best of what WSG offers. There is free membership too

The WSG team is very careful in ensuring there is a safe and happy experience to the WSG users at all levels, and no, WSG will never ever nag members to upgrade their memberships!

What can you do on WSG:

You can post messages, chat, share photos, pictures, audio and videos, create groups based on mutual interests or known friends or simply a “friendship zone” for ones looking for new friends and relationships with more features to be added soon – all for free and a lot more if you are a paid subscriber

If you are running any business/s and need clients, you can post free ads and earn when the WSG members buy from you

You can even earn from referrals who become paid subscribers at WSG

You can also share your thoughts and ideas which will make WSG a class apart from all other social media platforms

This is just the beginning, come and explore WSG - Join Web Surfer George now, here at

This article was published on 15.08.2022 by Re Va
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Web Surfer George - Social Website, Free to join

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