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ili Swish is a supplement created with nanotechnology that is encapsulated in water in nanoparticles to ensure that all that is inside as elements penetrates 99%, quickly into the cell and includes CBD, CBG and 90 elements including vitamins , minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, all natural adaptogens derived from herbs, plants and fruits. .. therefore nourishes, oxygenates the cells and strengthens them, giving them a state of complete nutrition, this prevents and improves the state of health.

To feel good and not create free radicals, our cells need a healthy and alkaline environment that they find through vitamins and minerals, obviously if you combine a healthy lifestyle between nutrition, sport and positive thoughts, it definitely increases.

It has been encapsulated in water because our body is made up of a high percentage of water and therefore absorbs everything faster as it is water soluble.. while the tablets or oil are absorbed a maximum of 30% and you have to take different types every day ..

Swish was created to have everything in one, simple solution for everyone.

Here you can find a supplement that is absorbed by your cells at 99% because it is available in pure water, and you know that we are made of 70% of water, so what could be better? Whatsmore hemp oil has been known over thousand of years, to be the best natural anti inflammatory for our body systems. Did you know that we have cannabinoid receptors in every part of our body? Brain, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys and so on? We are made to receive inputs, messages from elements that make up hemp oil, but unfortunately Hemp oil is not so bioavailable for our cells, we need much smaller particles dissolved in water that can aid our bodies function better.

At the moment we are the only ones to use this nanotecnology with this extraordinary supplement, which is enriched with vitamins, minerals alghae etc. so that it's  action is really at 360° 

Please get in touch with me as soon as possible, you ill not regret it!

This article was published on 22.03.2023 by Roberta Garbaccio
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