Want to know learn how to handle objections easily?

Objections are the biggest thing we as Network Marketers have to overcome. It's the number one question I get asked for help with by my team and there's really a simple way to overcome them. 

The Feel Felt Found technique has been around for decades and I've personally used it hundreds of times. It's a simple way to overcome the sales objections that, in my experience, come from either a lack of understanding into your business, network marketing in general OR fear of the unknown. So I may say 'I totally understand why you'd feel that way, I felt the same way but here's what I found.'

First and foremost I've found it very important to make sure you empathise with the person. Show them that you're not becoming defensive or judging them for asking questions. You need them to know you're on their side.  

To give you an idea of what to say, below are some examples of common objections and what I'd say to handle them.

I'll start with my favourite! 

Is This A Pyramid Scheme?

Once I've finished laughing (just kidding of course) 

I tend to try a humorous response if I ever get this and say 'oh no, I'm sorry it's not. Why, was that what you're looking for.' Cheeky I know but it breaks the ice.  

Another way to answer is to say 'Oh no, pyramids are illegal and with those you don't have any products or services. We have an awesome range of products and a pretty awesome business opportunity to go with it. Let's talk more about whether this is a good fit for you - what other questions do you have for me? Make sure you're saying this in a non defensive manner. Remember the person you're talking to simply doesn't understand. It's our job to help them with that. 

I Need To Try The Products First

If they're local to me and I can let them try samples then I'll say something like 'sure thing, try this now and tell me what you think' or you can let them know that the starter kit is a perfect way to try the products at a discounted rate and they get to learn as  they earn'. 

I would also say 'you already know about the proven results of our products and really the beauty of this business is that you can earn whilst you learn. Have you seen our testimonials?' 

I Don't Know enough people

This is another time when stories sell. I'd ask them if I could share a story with them and then tell them about how I started my business in a country that I had only been in a few years and being an introvert, didn't have a huge network. The thing that made the difference was the proven system and online training that we have showing a step by step guide of exactly how to grow my network. In only four months I was able to leave my 70hr a week corporate job and one of the top recruiters and customer getters in the company. 

I'd then go on to say 'I'm not telling you this to brag (and that's true, it's just to demonstrate that anyone can do it) but to show you that it's not who you know, it's who they know... It's about the new people you meet and the referrals you get. I'll mentor you every step of the way.' 

I Don't Have the Money To Get Started

This is probably the most common objection that I hear and this is all the more reason for someone to join your business. I say something similar to ''ok, so you're saying that if you did have the money, you'd absolutely be on board?' When they say yes, I'd say 'ok great, so how much short are you? Then I'd brainstorm ideas of how to make up the difference. That could be by having a garage sale or giving them your spare product to sell and them replacing it when they get their kit. There are ways around this objection. It just depends on how serious the person is. Tell them you'll make it your priority to get them their investment back. Reassurance is key here.  


Now this can be the tricky part for a lot of people but it really doesn't have to be. When you've finished handling objections, answering questions etc this is your opportunity to move on to the close. 

This is where I ask the final question. 'I'm curious, on a scale of 1 to 10 how interested would you say you are in joining me in this business? If they say 5 or higher then I ask them what would make it 10. This generally works really well as it can bring up any final objections that they have. If they're really serious about joining you, this is where they usually say 'let's go for it' but if they don't that's ok too. Network Marketing isn't for everyone, and this is your chance to ask for a referral and get them started with your products. A 'no' is not always a 'no forever', they may come around. Never forget it takes 5-7 exposures and every no is a step closer to a yes. As corny as those statements sound, they're true.

Hope this helped at least one Now get out there and be the rockstar you are! 


P.s If you like what you've read, flick me a connection request, I'm absolutely keen to connect with like minded people. 



This article was published on 09.01.2019 by Lou Crawford
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