What is Success?

I want to share with People a Concept, that really made a Difference for me.

The Concept, is what is Success? A Lot of   People would look at the nice Home that I owned in Nashville, TN. They would say Greg,  that is Success.

If People look at me today and see my two Homes, one in Tennessee and one in south Texas and my 5th Wheel RV, and the Motor Home that I gave to my Nephew, They would say, Greg that is Success.

I am here to tell you that I was as successful or more so when I was living at the Union Rescue Mission

in Nashville, TN as I was later on down the Road or as I am now.

People ask me, How could you be as successful or more so when you were living at the Rescue Mission as you are now? That sounds crazy.

Folks, If you understand this Definition, it will change  your Life.

Success is living your Life working toward worthy Goals. I repeat.

Success is living your Life working toward worthy Goals.

One you achieve those Goals, you are no longer a success, unless you set new ones.

When I got out of bed every morning at the Union Rescue Mission ,

I was as successful then, because I was living my Life working toward worthy Goals.

It took me 6 Months to get out of the rescue Mission, but that eventually did happen.

People that are living their Life working toward worthy Goals are the Minority.

If you're doing that, you need to feel good about yourself.

I am telling you, most of your Friends and Relatives, are going to a Job they hate,

blaming their Boss,or blaming the Government. They're sitting at home at Night watching TV,

sucking their Thumb, and have a World is against me attitude.You're not doing that. You're up every Morning working toward worthy Goals.

Anybody, that is living their Life working toward worthy Goals, is already a Success.

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This article was published on 02.04.2019 by Greg Pratt
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