Put your mlm profit into gold now before it`s too late

Dear fellow marketer,

No matter how much you earn in mlm or other businesses, you will need to put those money some safe place.

In an unstable global economy, we see great wealth being destroyed by states grabbing the pensions of their citizens and inflation going through the roof.  I many countries in Europe banks are planning to use bail ins in an economic emergency, seizing the funds of it`s clients, just like they did in Cyprus. Do the research yourself and google it.

So how do I convert my money into gold?

A few years ago we saw the development of a new technology from a company in Stuttgart, Germany, namely Karatbars International GmbH.

They managed to chip pure gold into plastic cards with the same size as normal visa cards. This is 24 karat gold in the amounts of 1 g, 2,5 g and 5 g per card. The gold itself are produced ny LBMA accredited refineries.

What is really interesting is, you can have collector cards for sports team, corporate businesses, travel , personal pictures etc. Some use them as business cards and gifts cards. And you can use them in K-exchanges all around the world.

Karatbars is in fact already present in more than 120 countries and the demand for our product and services increases by the day!  You can join this lucrative affiliate program for free and start telling the world about this great opportunity to aqiure real money instead of basing your financials on fiat money and paper of now value.

I want to help you to actually have the same opportunity like me, convert your mlm income or other types of income into Karatbars gold and remember also that the value of gold incrases in unstable times like these. So, it is also interesting for the professional investor to take a closer look at this. Just call me for details on this.

Listen to what Brad says in this short video: Don`t miss this intro

For a longer presentation on how to do this business,  follow this link:

Watch these 3 important videos now - a good investment of time

Feel free to connect with me at mlm gateway for a chat. I like to meet new people.

Just remember that I am all about helping you to secure your future and be aware of the dangers of imploding fiat currencies.

All the best,

Karl Erik Bjørnhaug,


Phone: +47 458 16 868

Invest in real money - gold

This article was published on 18.07.2016 by Karl Erik Bjørnhaug
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