The CBD Industry is growing

CBD is something "new" in the respect that this language does not easily resonate with people once they hear it, but for those in the medical marijuana and CBD space this acronym is GOLD.   CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is a derivative from the good old MJ (marijuana plant). CBD has great benefits including uses for pain management, stress release, anxiety reduction, and other benefits including sleep improvement and skin improvement. While it has many medicinal benefits, please understand that it DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH. Lack of information on the internet has many under the impression that CBD is the part of marijuana that creates a high effect when in fact it serves to heal the body and make you feel better, which may still give you a sense of euphoria. 

Another thing to understand about CBD is possible negative side effects because of the "oil" it can cause fatty liver, many of them also show up positive in urinalysis, and if you choose the incorrect dosage, may not have any effect at all. For that reason, is why you should do your research, find a trusted expert, and use products that are fir for you, and not one size fit all. That is where my knowledge base helps me with my company and offering such great products. I know what's in my product, I use my product, and I understand how it heals the body.

Our Products, SWISH and other products, are the fastest, purest, and most bio-available product on the market. These products are all taken by mouth and are safe for adults, kids, and animals. In fact, my dog and I use it for general health upkeep. My dog, tiger, is a 12 year old pitbull and this breed is known to have hip and joint issues, he takes Swish twice a day when I do, to slow down his exposure to this health issue.  I use Swish and CILI Serenity for stress and anxiety relief. It not only keeps me calm, but it helps me sleep better and have more energy throughout the day.

Without making this too boring or over scientific, I encourage you to check our site out at: for more info. 

Oh, by the way, did I tell you that it will not show up in your urinalysis as positive, does not make your liver fatty,  and can be used for fundraising for your organizations. Why not promote health and wellness and raise funds along with residual income for your team, church, non profit or other organization. Ask me how!!

This article was published on 16.09.2019 by Jessica Lewis
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