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What kind of people you would like to build your MLM business with?

Hi to everyone that might read this article.

My name is Pavlina Danailova. I'm from Sofia, Bulgaria and I'm 42 years old.

My experience with MLM started at 2007 but I found the company that became my passion at 2013. It's an online business and you can be everywhere in the world and do it.

In this post there wouldn't be any promotional or referral links. There only would be a quick 3 minutes video of why making your list is so important and who are the people you put in it. Although this video is created specifically for helping WorldVentures reps /yes, that is my company/ it might be helpful for everyone in the MLM business.

Building a MLM business can be put down to three main points - you like the product/service, you like the compensation plan and you like the people you will be working with. There's thousands of MLM companies with great products and more than appealing compensation plans. But do you really like the people you will have to work closely with for the nest 3-5 years?

So this post is about people - who we are and what personal skills we expect in our reps

First of all - if you're in only for the money, we're not what you're looking for.

As one of the trainers of the company often says: "If you want big things in your life, first you need to become the kind of person that deserves to have them." In our company we're big on personal growth. There is even a 6 day company training each year dedicated only to this.

The second important thing is that you never ruin a personal connection with anyone /family member, friend, colleague/ over business - and especially not over the only reason that they don't like your opportunity. Respect that and never, ever talk to them about your business again.

The third thing we're looking for in our reps is determination and persistence. Building strong and stable business is not an overnight achievement. You have to be prepared to give 3-5 years of your life, to be prepared for not only the ups but for the inevitable downs too.

And after the very serious tone so far, the fourth thing we're looking for in our reps is the ability to have fun - when working and when playing. Our company is not only for creating stable residual income but more important - for creating lifestyle, lasting friendships and memories.

If something in what you read has touched your hart, connect with me.

I wish you all to build the life you're dreaming for - be it with the help of the MLM opportunity or otherwise.

P.S. Here is the video:

Pavlina Danailova

This article was published on 14.10.2016 by Pavlina Danailova
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WorldVentures - Lifestyle and travel, 361 USD to join

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