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You say you are on Facebook, but are you built into Facebook.

Divvee is the New Social Buying Marketplace

Want to just watch a video?

Shop on the app 24/7

Saves members money on name brand products and more on Divvee's own product line.

Divvee pays affiliates for sharing

By relying on word-of-mouth marketing and social selling, Divvee pays it affiliates for spreading the word with marketing dollars that traditionally went toward paid advertising costs…

With decades of combined experience, Divvee is uniquely positioned to execute on an exciting business model, poised to bring Name Brand products at GREAT prices to consumers

What Divvee Affiliate do

We are going to CREATE a RIPPLE effect

You can GIVE away, PAY it forward, BLESS family, friends with the FREE app for those who just want to save money, Divvee up for the serious buyer who LOVES to save money, Opportunity for the entrepreneur…

Imagine yourself in Costco, Walmart, or shopping on line with Amazon, eBay… what do you see, think of all the products you purchase, would you like to save 20 to 80% on those items.

You can have the products 1 or 1000 delivered to your house in 2 days for $2

Think of the time you will save, think of the money you will save (gas, not to mention the time…)

Flash Buy/Drop Zone – start NEW Revolution

Reverse auction, imagine being able to bid on product and the more who bid on it brings the price down… not up like eBay….

I am unbelievably excited but it gets BETTER

Club 1,000

We are in stage 2 right now in prelaunch

… this keeps me up at night…

Fully Bonus qualified (get 10 affiliates)…

Envision yourself at a shopping mall, how many people do you see, 100 people x 10 = 1,000

1,000 people get 10, = 10,000 10,000 get 10 = 100,000 100,000 x 10 = 1M – This is so POSSIBLE to do, all it takes is TEAM effort…


Divvee will be everywhere Facebook is by the end of the year

Goal is to beat Amazon in 9 months…

Our Partners

1.) NetSuite

# 1 Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning

More than 30,000 signed up with them (Fortune 500 companies)

Largest Cloud Based

S.A.P and Oracle are their ONLY completion and they are NOT cloud based

2.) Direct Scale

Meets the needs of Direct & Social Sales

They know how to make distributors and Affiliates successful

They know how to work with corporate as well

Cloud Powered approach

Provide out back office support

# 1 in Direct Sales Industry

3.) TurnKey

They have marketing rights exclusively with FB

Which makes Divvee fully intregated with FB

Turnkey will be posting ads on FB for our drop zone deals – meaning they will be doing our advertising on FB for us as affiliates… (they will not be promoting the business opportunity – that is our job…)

4.) Facebook, Yes Facebook

Almost 2 Billion members to directly advertise special pointed adds

Facebook is going to be the auction platform for the reverse auctions, everything inhouse.

Members advertising pages build directly into Facebook pages

This article was published on 12.06.2016 by Rob Thomas
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