Definitiveness of Purpose Leads to Success Against the Odds

Definitiveness of purpose is what drives those who achieve their dreams. To those individuals, simply dreaming is not enough for them. These individuals burn their ships and give themselves no escape from achieving their potential. Definitiveness of purpose empowers them to do things that, to others, would seem next to impossible. 

Not everyone has the discipline it takes to rise above their station and too many quit just three feet from their goal. Their fear of failure is stronger than their definitiveness of purpose, causing them to quit instead of learning from their mistakes. Fear of failure is the biggest reason most people never even attempt something new and remain in their comfort zone. There is no room for growth in the comfort zone. 

Those with the discipline to push through the failures, keep an open mind to learning from their mistakes. Their definitiveness of purpose is stronger than their fear of failure. Thomas Edison failed to refine the light bulb so many times that it took him 10,000 tries. This did not stop or deter him and, when questioned about it, this is what he had to say, ‘I have not failed. I have just found 9,999 ways that do not work’. You see, each failure carries with it the seed of success and those who are too bold to quit eventually achieve their potential. 

Times are changing and unless you are willing to change with them, then you will be left behind. The current pandemic has shown that there is no such thing as job security when you work for someone else. Many people, have lost their jobs or have had settle for reduced hours while picking up secondary employment to support their families. The comfort zone is beginning to shrink and people are being forced to rely on employers that aren't required to show the same loyalty they expect. What if you could fire that disloyal boss?

There is a way to keep up with the changing times and a company that has been way ahead of the times for over 40 years. A company that does not consider its people employees but, rather, business partners, allowing them the ability to earn at their own pace and eventually obtain ownership. This company understands that its people are its most valuable asset and allows them the opportunity to create unlimited passive income. There is no glass ceiling except the one created by those who stop three feet from their goal. 

Success comes when you find the ability to motivate yourself and when you stop letting others determine your destiny. It's easier to just go along with the crowd and do what is popular but products, education, systems, don't win for you, you win. You have the ability to win when you decide that your dreams are bigger than your fears. It doesn't matter where you come from or your level of education. If you are hungry, money motivated, and willing to work hard to build a legacy that your children and their children will benefit from, then success is one phone call away. How bad do you want it? Learn More

This article was published on 20.10.2020 by Raymond Laracuente
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