Ideas To Help You Take Massive Action And Signup Reps Weekly

Every week I signup new team members, customers, and even 2nd level team members for those who follow what I teach.

I won't be getting into the fine details on each strategy or idea below, but I will go over the same techniques I share with my team.

This will help you get a lot of reps every week, sometimes several in just a day. So let's dive into them and learn how we can take massive action and signup reps every week!

#1. Ask - Remember to ask people if they know someone who may need what your product helps with. It's super easy for me because I ask if they know someone who suffers with pain and then I help them. Makes easy sells. Start asking everyone you meet for the problem your product helps with.

#2. Build In Your Own Backyard - Local marketing is so powerful in the days of the internet. Why? Because no one is doing it anymore. In my area, there were always fliers and signs, but no longer. Start being the only person advertising with fliers, posters and signs all over your local area.

#3. Get Social - Create accounts on the social media giants and use them. Make new connections and talk to people in a non intrusive way and ask if they know someone with the problems your product helps with.

#4. Dial Sessions - Use genealogy leads and work dial sessions everyday. Calling other current and former network marketers will land you a lot of reps when consistent with it. Use the MLM Recruit On Demand for a life time of leads without paying over and over for them.

#5. Advertise Like A Mad Man - Start using paid advertising. Select at least one source of it and go with it. Use solo ads, social media ads, MLM Gateway ads, Craigslist ads, and as many forms as you can afford. This will pull in enough leads to build a team itself, not even considering the ideas above.

#6. Live Broadcasting - Use webinars, Facebook live, Periscope, Youtube Live and all the forms of live broadcasting you can. Live broadcasting can really pull in a lot of viewers and build a following. It also converts sales at the HIGHEST RATIO then any other form of promoting.

#7. Videos - Start creating videos on a regular basis. Videos help build rapport with people for a long period of time. You do the work once, then it stays online to deliver you prospects over and over again. Even use your live broadcasting videos as a source for uploading as video.

#8. Blogging - Start your own domain and blog, and create massive authority. Blogging will help you get instant signups like crazy once your blog has been up for a while. People begin finding you and reaching out. Many just join you without you even being aware of it!

#9. Article Marketing - Write content on other sites like MLM Gateway, Linkedin and as many places as you can. This extra content will attract other people if it is valuable. Stay consistent with your articles and promote them on social media.

#10. List Building - This works well in network marketing as well. You always should be capturing leads as often as possible, and emailing them. As your list grows, and your relationship does too, more people from your list will want to work on your team with you. Always be building your list and growing your base.

Work Them All

The goal is to work your way into making all these ideas and strategies effective and producing for you. It will increase the amount of people coming in to your business, and you will see it is not that hard to get all 10 ideas working all at once everyday.

Start with one and practice it until you get it right. Then proceed to add the next one.

Before you know it, you have all 10 ideas working everyday and you are busy just trying to keep up with the prospects that keep coming in. This is how I got 3 people signed up yesterday, within a 24 hours period. 3 a day, can be your results too!

Did This Help?

If you got some value or a new idea from this, please leave a comment below. Also, be sure to send me a connection request so we can connect on here and share more value with one another.


Here is the program where I signup 3 people in a day with time and time again. Take a free tour and see it for yourself! I will build you a downline while you do, and you can keep it only if you like what I have done.

This article was published on 13.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
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