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PlanNet Marketing is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in offering travel-related services, including hotel reservations and travel packages. Their focus is on providing genuine vacation packages and ensuring timely payments to their members. As a service-based company, PlanNet Marketing does not offer tangible products but instead partners with InteleTravel, a travel booking network founded in 1992 by James Ferrara.

Through InteleTravel, PlanNet Marketing facilitates the sale of various travel services such as airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel and resort reservations. In addition to these standard offerings, they also provide luxurious packages for vacations, cruises, and weddings.

As a PlanNet Marketing Rep, you will offer the InteleTravel home-based travel agent business opportunity to anyone who wants to turn a passion for travel into a flexible source of income and reward.

How PlanTheNet Marketing Works

PlanNet Marketing is an added multi-level marketing layer on top of the travel company. To make money with the program, you must take one of the following ways:

  • Sign up as an InteleTravel Agent (ITA) and bring sales
  • Become an affiliate, and get people to join the business opportunity through you and earn commissions on their sales.

It’s worth noting PlanNet marketing doesn’t sell anything, but InteleTravel does. However you cannot directly signup with the latter as an agent and make commissions on your sales. You need to first, sign up as a rep of Plannet Marketing before you can become a travel agent with Inteletravel.

What is the Cost of joining PlanNet Marketing?

The Cost of Joining Plannet Marketing

To become a Plannet Marketing Representative, the start up costs only $19.95. And you will also pay a monthly administration fee of $19.95.

The features you will acquire in joining as a Plannet Marketing representative include having a personalized Plannet Marketing replicated website, direct sales commission on ITA sales, and 90 Day refund policy, among others.

If you want to become a PlanNet Rep and own your own InteleTravel business, you have to join as a Plannet Representative first. You will then receive an email with the website name and login information for your Rep account. And you can proceed to your Rep’s Virtual Office website and purchase your ITA.

How We Make Money In This Amazing Opportunity

1. Retailing and Booking Commissions

InteleTravel will receive commissions ranging from 14% to 28% on each travel-related service sold to customers, depending on the offering. The remainder of the proceeds is distributed to PlanNet Marketing and its suppliers. 70% of the 14% to 28% fee will be paid to you, the ITA who sold the products.

An example, suppose you sold a $1,000 reduced trip package with InteleTravel’s base commission of 28%.

$1,000 x 0.28 (28%) = $280

As a result of this single transaction, InteleTravel earned $280. In contrast, you will receive 70% of the $280.

Your retail commission for selling the $1,000 goods under the key parameters will be $280 x 0.7 = $196. You will also earn commissions on the products sold by your recruits and whenever a new ITA joins InteleTravel with you as the sponsor (recruiter).

See examples of the fat commissions some of our agents are making booking travels from home;

2. Recruiting Commission

With the PlanNet Marketing compensation plan, there are methods to make more money through recruiting people. You can earn $50 for each InteleTravel Agent you sign up for. This commission has no ceiling, so the more individuals you can persuade to become an ITA, the more money you’ll make.

3). 50% Matching Bonus

When your recruited ITA recruits a new ITA under your organization, you will receive a 50% matching bonus. (The person you recruit recruits someone else)

Your recruit will receive $50 for each new ITA enrolled, and you will earn $25.

4)  Our 3 x 9 Matrix Monthly Commissions 

The next payment system in the Plannet Markeing is aclled The 3 x 9 Residual Income system, To make this work, PlanNet Marketing employs a forced 3 x 9 matrix system.

You are at the top of the wage scale, with three people directly behind you. Every one of those people is also permitted to have three people directly beneath them, up to a maximum of nine levels. Each job in the matrix will be filled by recruiting new InteleTravel Agents, who will pay a monthly fee of $39.95. You will earn $4 for each slot every time these users beneath you renew their monthly charge.

5) Gold Builder Team Bonus

To obtain the Gold Builder Bonus, you must recruit and retain 9 InteleTravel Agents. As a Gold Builder, you will receive a $10 override commission for each InteleTravel affiliate membership sold in your team, up to 6 layers deep.

This means you will be placed at the top of UniLevel, while all your recruits will be placed just beneath you (level 1). Your recruits’ invites will be placed beneath them (level 2), and so on.

6) Director Bonus

The next stream of income in Plannet Marketing is called Director Bonus. This is how it works; Override commissions are paid to PlanNet Marketing representatives who recruit and retain a certain number of InteleTravel Agents each month. Note: ITA means Independent Travel Agents.

  • 1 Star Director – 100 ITAs awards you an extra $500 each month
  • $1000/month for a 2-star director with 300 ITAs.
  • $2000/month for a three-star director with 500 ITAs.
  • 4 Star Director – 1500 ITAs per month, $5000
  • 5-star director with 4000 ITAs and a monthly salary of $10,000
  • 6 Star Director – 10,000 ITAs each month, $16,000
  • 7-star director with 25,000 ITAs and a monthly salary of $30,000
  • 8-star director with 50,000 ITAs and a monthly salary of $50,000
  • 9-Star Director – 100,000 ITAs and a monthly salary of $100,000

7) Rank Achievement Bonus

These are one-time bonuses awarded when you reach a certain level in the PlanNet Marketing affiliate hierarchy or earn a monthly commission.

  • Obtain the 5-Star Director – Rolex watch
  • Make $8,333 per month – Sapphire ring
  • Ruby ring – $20,833/month
  • $41,667 per month – Diamond ring
  • $83,333 per month – Diamond ring

This article was published on 03.06.2023 by GetRichh Team
Author's business opportunity:

Plannet Marketing - Travel Packages, 19.95 USD to join
PlanNet Marketing, is a network marketing company, that sells hotel reservations and travel packages through our exclusive partner, Inteletravel. You can become a Plannet Marketing independent travel agent and sell discounted travel/tour deals.

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