Lead Generation Made Simple Goes Viral

How To Use The Concept Of Lead Generation Made Simple Goes Viral To Your Advantage

In an article posted at affiliatedoubt.com by Mike Daugherty, "Lead Generation Made Simple Goes Viral," he provides an introduction to what he calls the "Network Effect." This concept comes from Dan Pink's book, "The Antidote" and it is essential for anybody trying to become a successful Internet marketer.

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This age-old principle asserts that in order to be successful you must engage with others who are actively engaged with you. You may have been told by salespeople that they have all the answers but they rarely were willing to put their opinions out there on the Internet as a result.

That trend has evolved and is now called "Lead Generation Made Simple." While I am not against the idea of others sharing their thoughts, I have found that some people feel the need to use this opportunity to put their opinion out there as a means of shaming or manipulating others.

This "advantage" is meant to be used by people to grow their network. It allows people to share their opinions and really say what they feel and want to see happen in the world. They then become part of an ever-expanding group of people that have the same goals as them.

What are the disadvantages? Here are some of the risks.

The first disadvantage is that it can cause others to try to copy you. So if you do something they like, then others will do the same thing. If this happens, you become another victim of what Dan Pink calls the "Groupthink" phenomenon.

The second and third disadvantages are people trying to play the outsider. If you don't align yourself with the "everybody wants to do the same thing" mentality, then you become another one of those who do not believe they can do anything well.

The fourth disadvantage is that you become a closed mind. You might not be open to ideas that aren't coming from your perspective. This prevents others from helping to bring a new concept into the conversation.

The fifth and final disadvantage is that you are giving up one of the most powerful advantages you can have. You will be the person who can make a change happen, regardless of whether they are willing to work together in order to accomplish it.

There are also many advantages that go along with having this mindset. It doesn't matter if you are in a small business or starting your own Internet marketing business, what matters is that you recognize the fact that there are other ways to think than what you've been taught.

Now it doesn't mean that those disadvantages don't exist. They do and it is up to you to decide whether or not you're willing to accept them.

The first advantage gives you the opportunity to become more comfortable with others because you will be seeing them as individuals. The second advantage allows you to expand your network of friends while still keeping things fresh. to watch the video on YouTube Click Here

This article was published on 08.07.2020 by Richard Murphy
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