How to Use Social Media to Build Your MLM Business

Today, I want to teach you how to use social media to build your MLM Business. 

Keep in mind, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you spend any amount of time on Twitter and Facebook, you will find countless distributors who are "puking" their business opportunity all over the place. Personally, I find it intrusive and unprofessional. Many others feel the same way. 

In fact, there isn't much worse than logging into your Facebook account and seeing where your cousin Joe posted something all over your wall about the "greatest business opportunity known to man." Or, they make these crazy claims about their company's products. 

These are the folks giving our industry a bad name. If you are one of the folks doing this, please stop immediately.

On the other hand, there are very effective ways to combine MLM and social media. For instance, you could create your own network marketing blog and create a Facebook Fan Page to promote it. Whenever you write a new post, or create a new video for your blog, you can post it on Twitter and Facebook. Or, you can create educational videos on YouTube about a certain aspect of our industry.

The key to success is to "attract" others to you by providing quality information, rather than trying to pitch them. If you can do this, people will naturally want to ask you more about what you have to offer, or what you are doing. I'd like to share a hypothetical example with you.

Hypothetical Example

Let's suppose your MLM Company sells weight loss products. You've been using the products and lost about 20 lbs during the past three months. You decide to create a personal blog about weight loss, and create a fan page for your blog. 

You document your progress and share weight loss tips with others through you articles and videos on your blog. You connect your Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook account (as mentioned above).

You promote your fan page on Facebook to your friends and family, and you use the Facebook Sponsored Ads program to get more fans. Every time you create new content, your fans get notified through Facebook. Many of these fans enjoy your content (assuming it is good quality). 

On your blog, you have a link where people can request more information about the products you use, and/or the business opportunity. People who are interested can contact you to request more information. You simply follow-up with the people who request more information. It really is that simple.

Best of all, you can do this in addition to building your business offline. Talk about the best of both worlds. This is how MLM and social media should be used.

Final Thoughts

In summary, MLM and social media go hand-in-hand together. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube provide a powerful and effective way to grow your MLM Business, when used properly. 

The key to success is to focus on providing quality information, not spamming people. If people like your information they can visit your blog or website to request more information. This strategy works best when combined with offline strategies.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. 

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketing professional. He lives in sunny Florida with his wife, Rachel. You can learn more about his opportunity here

This article was published on 28.02.2019 by Chuck Holmes
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