Is Network Marketing A Scam? How To Respond To This Objection


How many times do you hear network marketing objections when you are prospecting?

How many different versions of these MLM objections have you heard?

Well for many people in the industry, we've heard them all.

So today, in this business announcement, we will focus on how we can overcome the network marketing objection called "Is this a scam?", so you can overcome this little obstacle.

The Thing To Understand

When it comes to network marketing objections, including the "scam" objection we hear often, you must first need to know why the objection is being used.

For each individual, the reason could be one of two.

First, people use it because they do not see the value, and are not going to join no matter what you say. They are simply negative minded in nature, so when you feel this is their reason for using the "scam" network marketing objection, just let them go and waste no more time with them.

But, if you feel it is the other reason for using it, which is a legit concern, then you have ammo to overcome the objection.

Sometimes, people do have honest intentions of getting started with you, but have caught wind from a friend, relative, or person telling them they are getting scammed.

So, how do we handle those who honestly need to know if your company is a scam?

What Is A Scam?

To know how to handle this "scam" network marketing objection, let's think about what a scam really is.

A scam is when someone takes money from you, and does not deliver on their promise.

It's a mutual agreement that was never intended to be kept by one party.

So, knowing this, we can simply provide proof in many ways that our company does hold their end of the deal.

Got Paid Before?

If someone asks me if my company is a scam, it's easy for me to show otherwise.

I've received all the money I was promised I would receive for the results I achieved.

I can show someone I got paid, therefore I am not being scammed.

People don't think about you being in the same position as themselves when you started, so providing proof of income is one way to show that you receive the money you are promised for the result you achieve.

Order Product?

If you made an order for product and received it, then it's no scam my friend.

If you were promised a specific product and amount, and received it for the money spent, they kept their end of the deal making it a legit business.

So if you have never received a check to use as proof, mention the product you received.

Simply tell the prospect when they ask if this is a scam, that you have received all you were promised so there is no reason to suggest it is.

I Read Online It Was A Scam

If someone Googled your company and found the negative review, this can be actually simple to overcome.

You may need to read it yourself to find the problem with the person's argument, which many times can be they made no money, but fails to mention they made no sales either.

When someone pulls this out, have them Google the Oreo scam, the paper towel scam, the internet scam, or anything scam.

No matter what you Google, someone calls it a scam.

Find a few silly scams online and use that as well to show the prospect that no matter what you Google, someone called it a scam.


The Scam Network Marketing Objection Overview

Seriously, this objection mostly comes up from negative thinking people.

So most of the time, you should just let the prospect go and move on when you get this particular objection.

But, if you get a legit person who may of heard it was a scam, you simply show them you got what was promised to you.

If you haven't got what was promised, why even be there?

So hope this helps you overcome the network marketing "scam" objection, and signup more people in your network marketing business!

Did This Help?

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This article was published on 04.01.2019 by Jaye Carden
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