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The Demons of Defeat - How they can affect Building your Business

In this article, I would like to talk about the four demons of defeat and the ways you can deal with them. Starting any online business is going for a war. In this journey to success, we are all encountered by the four demons of defeat. They attack us indecisively and do whatever they can to prevent our focus goal from becoming a reality. 

The four demons of defeat are:

  1. Distraction.
  2. In-Decision.
  3. Doubt.
  4. Fear.

Now, we are going to talk about them one-by-one and discuss on the different ways we can follow to achieve our goals.

  1. Distraction:

The Demon of Distraction uses three primary weapons to prevent us from achieving our goal. They are: (a) Time Traps. (b) Life Crisis. (c) A New Opportunity. Each of these roadblocks, stop us from achieving our focus goal a reality. 

The Time Trap: The time trap is the situation where a seemingly insignificant activity tends to derail our work. These activities involve: watching tv, playing computer games, surfing on the internet etc.. While these activities are a good way to give your brain a rest after a sustained period of hardwork - but these tend to take us away for hours from the productive work. So, what is the best way to manage the time trap? A good rule of thumb, is to limit these activities to about 20 minutes after you complete an hour's work. 

So, when you are caught in a time trap, the best way to combat is to limit your time to about 20 minutes and then resume back to your work.

Life Crisis: While the time trap tend to distract you in a small way; the life crisis can bring your work to a grinding halt. Some of the aspect of the life crisis involve- a problem with your health, a financial crisis, a problem with the health of your loved one, a critical issue in your family. How do we deal with the Life Crisis issue? It is definitely very important to deal with the life crisis that you are dealing with first, but it is important to spend about 50 minutes in the day to complete the small percentage of your work. It's always best to complete your work in the mornings and spend the rest of the day dealing with what the day has in store for you. Another aspect of the life crisis issue is the notion of endless worry. 

So, when we are caught in the life crisis, the best way to combat is to spend 50 minutes in the morning to deal with the issue. Prayer is another important path to choose. When we pray, we are aware of the fact that we are not alone in dealing with the issue- and we are ready to transfer some of our worries to a higher divine. It's also important to think of the next practical step when faced with the endless worry.

A New Opportunity:  The third weapon that the demon of distraction affects you, is a new opportunity. We all members at MLM Gateway are aware of this - so called the "Shiny Object Syndrome". This happens when other members present you other business opportunities which sound to be much easier and a lot more effective to make money online, while we are combating the battle of growth and challenges in our business opportunity. 

So, when we are presented with a new opportunity - the best way to deal with it - is to put it in a project pipeline. This means, to look at the new opportunity when the time is right - i.e. after we complete all the work that we have in our current project.

This article was published on 24.04.2018 by Shivaram Swamy
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