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Recruiting and Retaining the Correct type of Person

Thank you for allowing me to express myself to this group. I hope that what I have to say creates some conversation and thoughts. As I am probably older then most that post on this page, I am going to view what I have to say from years of observation.

When recruiting or hiring people for many different positions or needs, I find that there are mainly two types of people, those who are employee type and those that are entrepreneurial by nature. I find neither type right or wrong, but through different circumstances people will divide between these two types. The employee type is more 9 to 5, need instant income and probably benefits. They see business as a JOB (Just over Broke). The entrepreneurial type person will take ownership of the position or work, and is willing to invest time, effort, ideas, and perhaps be willing to sacrifice immediate income for greater rewards in the future, (opportunity).

I would like to suggest a quality that either group can and should possess. That quality of being a People person. I look for people that by nature, (not required) treat people with respect, compassion, dignity, honor and the willingness to help whenever & wherever needed. Willing to build relationships and to understand the personal experiences that make each person unique. This person always puts others needs and wishes before their own. They share a true Servants Heart.

As you view this page and any others that are wanting help with their businesses, offering employment, ( watch this one as everyone has a different idea of employment), recruiting for any of the various opportunities, and in general asking you to spend money, be careful and understand all of the requirements and advantages before joining and making a commitment.

There are many, many very Great opportunities represented to this group. Do your due diligence, know the companies and the people with whom you will be relating. Know and understand the various pay plans and be comfortable with them.

I want to show people that are new to MLM, or work at home business, or those that may already have a Successful Business with a large down line,a way to start, or protect your current income with a business that will NOT interfere with your current position. I want to show you, a New Concept, a Social Commerce CO-OP. It does not require additional funds and will help you save on the money that you spend daily for necessities. If you have any questions about what I have written, or about the New CO-OP, reply for info, or just email me and I will get back to you quickly! Have a Blessed Day and Business experience!

This article was published on 13.06.2017 by Terry Bailes
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Stephen Donohoe Great announcement thanks for sharing  7 years ago

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