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Only 2 Serious Persons Needed That Want To Earn $245 or N100,000 in Week !!!

 Do You Know That You Can Be Earning N100,000 Weekly On This Proven Business Opportunity ?

 Dear Friend,

 Adewale here from Ondo Nigeria. An Affiliate marketer.      You might have come across different ways to make a living online the one that's simple and the one that's difficult    to set-up base on the experienced you have acquired. 

     l posted an article one week ago on how you can leverage on the work at home program, that you CAN make money  with Faster.

    What made this work at home business model simpler than other are are as follows:

  1. lt M2M payment. it means the 100% of money you require to join will be paid from members to members.

  2. lt's instant payment.

  3. lt has spill over that can make your team grow faster

  4. You don't need to have payza, perfect money, solid trust pay, paypal and the likes before you can be paid,you only  need to open account or create account with

 5. YOu don't need to have product or any service you want to recommend to people, before you can start making money     with M2M program.  6. You don't need to pay for admin or pay any money to administrator monthly,infact you don't need to pay any hidden   fees once you come on board.

 7. lt's created with friendly in mind.

   Though they are different M2M or P2P program online.There are some you need to start with $100- $1,000 +.The fact remains that not everybody can avoid that as a newbie or someone who want to have second stream of income.

  Some need little amount of money for ad spend, in order to get massive traffics except if that person can set aside 3-5 hours to promote his/her online business FREE.

  Do You Really Want to Know How To MAKE N100,000 or $250 With This Amazing Program in A Week?

  l will show you how to do that step-by-step right now.

  Before showing you how to achieve that i believe you want to know what the program is all about.


  Here's the website link of the program below.

  You will join by paying to someone that refers you via the link above.

  With BTC currency. You can do that by creating your account on

   You need only 0.05 btc worth $36.You might have funded your blochchain account with the said amount before you can upgrade to the paid member in the back office.

   What about its Compensation Plan ?

  The compenssation plan is pretty simple and i haven't seen anyone that is as simple as this before. How ?

  When you come on board with that amount,you only need TWO Serious Persons with that you will be paid 0.05 x 2 = 0.1

  Those TWO Reps need to bring in two persons at the same means that in your second level you will have 4 persons that 0.1 btc.

  You will have 0.4 btc there, you need to upgrade to level 2 where 4 reps will pay you 0.1 btc each.

  Let's look at it in a clearer form.

 1. You will join with 0.05 btc = $36

 2. You need to bringing in 2 persons,you will be paid 0.10 from the two persons, you will use the same amount to upgrade to next level.

 3.ln level two, 4 reps will pay you 0.10 btc each.

 4. Total of people you need to bring in is only two while you need to teach them to do the same.

 5. Total downline you need in all the levels is 6.

 6. Your total donations is 0.15 btc.

 7. Total  BTC Recieved  0.5 btc

 8. Total Profits in BTC is 0.35, this will be 0.35x 1 BTC $700 = $245 X 1 USD N450 = N110,250

  Can you see it now, with what you join with $36 you're making $245 that will be around N110,250 ?

  This is achievable and doable for everybody even Lazy online marketer can achieve this in a week not in a month.

  What Are You Waiting For You To Come On Board ?

  You Need To Act Now By Coming on Board.

  lf you're ready now, we are equally ready to HELP you build your team.

  By time i have my own direct two reps, i will start to be working with you, by promoting your link and downlines links in order for the team to grow in time.

  This is not program you need to set-up or planning for it, for a complete 1-2 months without any profit in's what you need to get started with and move from level 1-level 2 within a week or latest 10 days.

  i and my team members will teach you doable marketing strategies you need to be working with both online and offline in order to move from level 1 - level 2 within a week.

  lf you are ready, you can sign up right away via this link below.


  Note,i and my team CAN only help two people to build their team fast.lf you have strong desire for this and want to have side income that's up to $245, then you need Come on board immediately.

   Success is Yours,

   Adewale - 2348039334809

This article was published on 08.11.2016 by Olu John
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