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In my career I've had the opportunity to go to work for numerous companies, however, many of those did not have the success formula.  What is the success formula you might wonder?  It's quite simple and is at the core of this business opportunity.  It's about being a “Difference-Maker” and getting paid- paid well for it.

Often in life and business in particular there are two dominant people types.  Some people love money and use people and the other group loves people and uses money.  The Difference-Makers” always fall into the latter group.  Why is that?  It's because people who love people and use money are more interested in the pay back from doing something that makes a positive impact on the other person.  And in a business setting, the money naturally follows.

We at First Fitness Nutrition are true Difference-Makers!  With our 27-year time-tested weight loss-weight management system, we make a positive difference, a positive impact, a life enhancing, life altering impact on and in a person's life! When you go to my web site, you will see just how amazing the life impacting change can be! When you see the people, their life changing stories and the obvious and amazing impact FFN has made in their life know too that someone who shared this with them earned a bonus check for doing so.  That, THAT is a true Win-Win my friend!

Here's something else to think about and it may be the most overlooked element I've seen and continue to see- a major mistake people make when considering an opportunity to join.  They get involved in something that doesn't have a true mass appeal either because the product or service just doesn't or because it's priced too high for mass appeal and as such have a limited market.

There are as many offers and opportunities out there as there are people to join them.  Most will disappear within 3 – 5 years and many won't make it past a year.  The proverbial “ground floor opportunity” is a two edged sword. Consider one that's been increasing in popularity in the public view and has found its way into the network marketing arena- Solar.  Makes sense right?  Save money on your electric bill every month, do good for the environment- all of that; it sounds great and like a winning opportunity.  But it comes at a cost and that cost is not cheap and furthermore, it's typically a 10 – 20 year commitment to pay it off and the real ROI isn't there until near the end of the payment term, although there is some modest savings in most months.  But it's a big commitment and most people don't make the decision without a lot of consideration, reviewing technical stuff, crunching numbers, Internet search and investigation, etc. before pulling the trigger. A lot of questions need to be answered before signing on the dotted line … and before the marketer gets paid his-her bonus check.

So here's a scenario …

Put a hundred people in a room and ask for a show of hands who would like to get solar on their house? Of the hundred a certain percentage don't own a house.  So maybe the room is really 70 prospects not a 100.  so some hands go up.  Then the questions come about what does it take, what does it cost, technical questions, and more. Who is ready to get going today?  How many hands you think go back up?  Not many if any at all right?

Same room- How many people here would like to lose 10 – 15 pounds or more in the next 30 days with a unique health system that's not a diet, has a 27 year track record, a less than 1% product return in that 27 years and costs as little as $6.00 a day and in reality will likely cost zero when you calculate the savings for the incredibly delicious two meal replacement shakes you consume each day?  How many would like to experience that?

How many hands you think would go up?  I think, I know from experience a lot!  So while the solar rep is working hard for several weeks to get a sign up and get his-her bonus check, you could have easily made a very substantial bonus check paid that week!  You win and the customer wins.  Some of those people will refer others too just by accident when their friends and family see the change in them.  It happens all the time. Win-Win!

Join us and start winning today!

This article was published on 27.01.2017 by John Jeffrey
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